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When trying to find a place to gamble with cryptocurrency, one of the first requirements is safety.

There are many online casinos out there, and all of them claim that they are the best gambling places. However, you can’t trust all of these casinos.

One defense against this risk is knowledge. If you know how to determine if an online casino is safe, then you can find the right casino for you.


Is It Legal?

The first thing to look at when determining if an online casino is safe is whether or not it is legal. Many casinos out there are entirely legitimate and fair, but they are blocked by your government or Internet Service Provider (ISP).

However, many online casinos will outright lie about whether or not they are legal. These casinos will create fake licenses and customer support staff that independent organizations cannot verify.

The best way to determine if an online casino is safe is to look at the licensing register they claim to be a part of. Typically, you will find the badge belonging to either Malta Gaming Authority or Curacao in the footer section of the crypto casino.

You can check if the online casino you have found is safe here:

Malta Gaming Authority

Is It Trustworthy?

You must determine if an online casino is trustworthy before you gamble with it. Remember, you are giving this website your cryptocurrency to play games with. This makes it very easy for them to steal from you.

An online casino should have testimonials on its site, along with other verification methods. So, how do you find out whether or not they are trustworthy?

The easiest solution is to pick a crypto casino here at AllGambling.com. The casinos listed with us are tried, tested, and, most importantly, trusted by thousands of people.

If you want to find out if a casino outside AllGambling.com is trusted, you can search for reviews. Online casinos are very public about how they conduct business, which means that you can find out how others feel about them with ease.

If you see an online casino is trustworthy, it should be willing to prove its trustworthiness (licensing, etc.). If not, move on to another one!

Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

The online casino you have chosen should have a comprehensive Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service. These are the contracts that the casino has with you for using its services.

A cookie policy describes what cookies are being used on the site and how they work. Privacy policies will tell you everything about your personal information (including how it is protected) and used.

Terms of service are like any other contract; they list the rules you need to abide by when using the site. If you break these rules, then your account can be suspended or even deleted.

You should know what information is being gathered from you, for what reason(s), and who will be privy to this information. This is usually outlined in the privacy policy, which means that you need to read it thoroughly.

Is It Fair?

The final thing you should consider when determining if an online casino is safe is its fairness. If you use a website for gambling, you need to know that they are not cheating you.

There are several tools (provided by the casino) that can help ensure fairness. These should be used to make sure the game is fair to play. On top of this, you should also check out reviews for feedback about whether or not it is a cheat website.

At AllGambling.com, we want everyone who reads this article to go out there and play fair! You don’t want your money to be stolen.

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