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Why Are Some Casinos Built on Water?

Water attracts more and more business. Right now, there are over 43 artificial casinos on water or over the seas.

This is a fascinating fact, but most people have no idea why this is a thing. Here is the answer to ” Why Are Some Casinos Built on Water? “.

1. Better Image

Water can add a specific aesthetic value and appearance to the casino or hotel, making it seem more appealing and prestigious.

The views from the rooms are usually breathtaking and can give a distinct appearance to the casinos. Water can also allow for more recreational amenities such as swimming pools, boat docks, etc.

2. Entertainment

Water nearby can be a great background theme for many activities like boat riding or water skiing. It also makes it possible to have safety measures to rescue people in case any untoward incident occurs.

3. Lower Costs

Water is a suitable medium for cooling, and it also provides better support to build the casinos compared to the ground, which needs steel/concrete pillars that are more expensive. It also lowers the ambient temperature of the surroundings and thus helps in reducing overall costs.

4. Popular location

Some of the world’s most famous casinos are built on water, so it can act as an added advantage for them to lure more tourists and gamblers to come and stay there. Some examples include:

  • Marina Bay Sands Hotel & Casino in Singapore
  • “Bellagio” on the Las Vegas Strip

5. Other Amenities

Other than casinos, there are several other hotels and entertainment facilities that are in the form of floating buildings or on water.

For example, this includes cruise ships – some of them have several restaurants, entertainment venues, and even casinos on board to cater to tourists! These kinds of “floating” businesses are rising and are a huge new industry for casinos.

The success of this kind of concept has inspired many entrepreneurs to come up with other fun ways to use floating buildings in different settings, such as houseboats and even floating resorts.

6. Noise reduction

The vibration of the casinos can cause a lot of noise on other properties. This makes it very difficult for people to sleep or work in peace near such buildings. That is especially true when people stay nearby, and the casino brings in crowds that generate more noise at night.

The soundproofing provided by water in the middle can help in reducing such noise.

7. Accessibility in emergency situations

It is easier for people to go to the casino, especially at night when roads are busier due to the lights etc. Water allows them access by boat or other means in a quick manner.

8. Legal Issues

If the casino or hotel does not own the land, it can be a problem for them to do what they want to and may have to deal with legal red-tape and zoning laws, etc. Water makes these things easier as there are no legal implications involved.

9. Gambling Considerations

Nowadays, gambling is legal in many countries, but there are several places where gambling is not permitted. This makes the casino’s owners come up with creative ways to attract more customers. Water provides good accessibility for people and gives a luxurious touch that can make them feel like they are visiting some luxurious resort or the like, which attracts more customers.


The above list of reasons is not a comprehensive or complete one, but it does provide enough insight to answer the question as to why some casinos or hotels are built on water.

Having water nearby not only provides easy access to water sports and entertainment, but it also gives the added advantage of having a scenic view that tends to make people more apt to come there.

It also is a great way to impress tourists and add a touch of luxury for visitors that are not into gambling.

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