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The largest casino in Asia - The Venetian Macao

Macau is the only place in China where gambling is legal. Macau’s gaming revenue was about $817 million last year.

It is safe to say that gambling companies found an attractive market here – that is why Las Vegas Sands Corp opened multiple casinos in the Chinese market. One of them being the largest casino in Asia – The Venetian Macao.

About The Venetian Macao

Macau has become one of Las Vegas Sands’ most important markets after opening its first casino there in 2004. In 2007, Las Vegas Sands Corp acquired the Venetian Macao resort to increase its market presence. The company’s flagship property, The Venetian, is also one of Las Vegas highest-grossing casinos.

The Venetian Macao is a little bit of Venice on the Cotai Strip – it features a replica of St Mark’s Square; the Venice-styled casino is surrounded by artificial hills and decorated with gondolas. The casino has a total of 5,200 hotel rooms with restaurants and food outlets. It also features six bars, including the famous Spada Bar that serves authentic Italian delicacies and beverages. Another bar is the Voodoo Lounge that offers a variety of cocktails along with delicious nibbles.

If you are looking for an exciting night out filled with music and entertainment, you may want to head to the Yebisu Garden Place. It features live bands that play a selection of Jazz, Bossa Nova, Blues and Pop music.

You will be able to get some exercise while at The Venetian Macao if you decide to take a jog on the 1/3 mile jogging track which surrounds the property. The Venetian Macao also has a swimming pool and gymnasium for those who want to stay fit.

Largest Casino Companies in Asia

Several Asian countries have one or two large casinos that are owned by foreign companies. There is no country where foreign companies own an exclusive gambling monopoly, although they own most large casinos.

The largest casino companies in Asia are such world-renowned players as Las Vegas Sands, MGM Resorts International and Wynn Resorts. In addition to owning casinos in Asia, these companies also have properties on other continents. However, Asian gambling establishments are among their top priorities for expansion.

What is Asia's Most Popular Casino Game?

Asia has a massive variety of casino games, but the most action is on the live tables. Compared to other regions, there are many live table games in Asia (and they aren’t just reserved for high rollers).

The game that attracts Asian players the most is baccarat, which accounts for about half of all gambling revenues in Asia. Baccarat’s popularity is driven by the fact that it’s simple to learn and doesn’t require any particular strategy.

Blackjack is the runner-up when it comes to Asian betting preferences. The game retains its popularity mainly thanks to VIP tables that a lot of casino operators have set up for higher net worth clients. Blackjack also benefits from the fact that this particular game allows players to count cards, which makes it more challenging than other table games and gives it a slight edge over the house.

Other popular games in Asia include roulette, poker and craps, although all of these are played only by high rollers (and never in card rooms).

Even though casino operators in Asia don’t have any exclusive rights to these games, they are very popular in Singapore, Vietnam and Macau, which have emerged as big gambling hubs. In addition to land-based casinos, online betting sites are also popular, especially in Macau.

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