What Are Online Slots and How Do I Play?

Slot machines are reels with symbols where you place a bet on the outcome of a spin. It requires no specific skills as you only have to spin the wheel and wait for the symbols to match up. It is one of the most popular casino games.

How do Online Slots Work?

With the advancement of technology, this casino game was one of the first ones to be introduced to online casinos. In fact, going online made it possible for slots to have more variations.

You may find online slots very entertaining as a beginner. To understand how online slots work, you need to know about a few basic things.


A pay line is a winning combination. It is a pre-determined set of symbols or numbers. In modern-day online casinos, there are multiple pay lines. If there are five pay lines, it means there are five winning combos.

As a new player, you need to know the number of pay lines, which is usually shown in the paytable of the game screen.


Wilds show up randomly at any time throughout your game. It can be used as a substitute for any other symbol once it appears. This will help increase the chances of you winning.


Scatter symbols will add a great advantage to your game. They have different functions like awarding free coins and bonuses. You cannot substitute scatter symbols with wilds. These will be shown in the paytable.


Multipliers can appear randomly in games, mostly in a bonus or free rounds. They will increase the chance of you winning. The most common ones are between 2 to 10 times. However, they can be much higher in many cases.

Types of online slots

Classic 3 Reels Slot

This form has the closest resemblance to the physical slot machine. It has 3 reels on the display, mostly with fruits as symbols. This slot normally has one payline. However, some online slots come with 3 to 5 paylines.

5 Reels Slot

This slot game is very similar to the 3 reeled one. The exception is that instead of 3, it has 5 reels. Some 5 reels slot has the addition of wild and scatter symbols. You will have a bit more of a harder time to hit your winning combination.

Video Slots

This version of the game can be multiple-reeled with various added features. It can have interactive animations, different genre and colourful and fun themes!

Progressive Jackpots

A progressive Jackpot is a large prize. Whenever someone makes a bet, a percentage of the money is contributed to the jackpot amount. It ultimately ends up being a huge amount. The winner is chosen at random is given a hefty payout amount. These jackpots can be very exciting.

How To Play Online Slots

Different types of slots will be available in every online casino. As it is a very simple game you do not need any special skills. Just visit a trustworthy gambling website and start playing!

The first thing you need to do is to check the paytable. The paytable will have all the important information you need. This table can look intimidating at first, but its quite easy to understand. It will tell you about the paylines, wilds and scatters and the payout amount.

You need to check the rules before you start betting. While betting on an online slot, you should pick a slot with a larger number of pay lines because that increases the number of winning combinations. Once you start spinning and win a game, you will receive your payout.

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