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The Best Game In India

More and more people enjoy the entertaining nature of games in India. When the pandemic hit the country, adults all over the country turned to the thing that used to entertain them, and as a result, the stock prices for gaming and gambling companies all over the world skyrocketed.

In this article, we have taken a look at games with and without real money to determine which game is most popular in India. You can expect to find games you are familiar with, and hopefully, you will discover a game that you end up enjoying.

Here at AllGambling, we mostly focus on games you can wager money on, hoping for big winnings in return. That is why we want to start off with online casino games and then move on to find the best first-person shooter game.

The Best Online Casino Game In India

When playing casino games online, there are two main categories we tend to separate the games in. One is live games with real dealers, streamed from a real studio. The other is random number generator games, often called slot machines.

India loves the real deal, including games such as blackjack. Even though this category is immensely popular, we see a growing number of players enjoying slot games as well.

The Best Real Casino Game

To determine which game is best in India, we have used the same method we have used to rank online casinos here at AllGambling. Some of the data behind this are obviously different as there are differences between online casinos and online casino games.

Here is the data we have used:

  • The average google searches per month
  • The average number of game rounds per month
  • The average number of players per month

When looking at the numbers, it’s clear as day that India is a country of traditions. That is why the best game in India don’t come as a surprise to any experienced casino player. Up there together with the best game, you find Andar Bahar, Blackjack and Roulette before you find a gap down to the popular game shows from Evolution, such as Crazy Time Live.

The best game in India is Teen Patti. Having an incredible 129,000 searches on average every month in India, Teen Patti is by far the most popular card game and among the most popular android games. Mobile gaming is popular in India and the versions of Teen Patti you find in online casinos are perfectly adapted to mobile gaming in India.

The game offers a fun and exciting experience where you can win money.

The Best Slot Machine Game In India

Even though slot machines are not as popular as real games, the interest is growing around the country and we do see a significant number of players trying their luck every month. It is especially the jackpot slots that are drawing the attention of the Indian people.

Slot machines are very popular mobile games because of their good responsive design and easy accessibility. Among these games, we find classics such as Book of Dead and the ever-popular Starburst. However, there is a huge jackpot Indian people don’t seem to get enough of.

That jackpot game is named Mega Moolah and has been a favourite all over the world since its release in 2006. Connected with a huge jackpot, the animal-inspired slot game receives 8,400 searches on average every month.

Based on several metrics, it’s safe to say that Mega Moolah is the best slot machine game in India.

The Best First-Person Shooter Game

Counter-Strike has been a winner all over India for a long time. This changed a couple of years back, when PUBG introduced the Battle Royal mode, allowing hundreds of players to compete against each other at the same time.

One of the best to ever play PUBG was the popular Twitch streamer, Iron. In 2020 he did as millions of players have done after him and switched to Call of Duty’s version of Battle Royal, Warzone.

Call of Duty had impeccable timing, releasing the game mode in March, just when the pandemic started to have an impact all over the world. People who hadn’t played video games before, all of a sudden became completely addicted to this game.

The numbers support our verdict when it comes to the best first-person shooter game, Call of Duty: Warzone is a clear winner in India.

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