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Play Teen Patti Today

Teen Patti is a simple and highly entertaining card game which is very easy to learn. It’s incredibly popular in India where the game was originally developed, being played regularly in the homes of friends and families.

Thanks to the rise in popularity of online casinos in India, players can now enjoy many different variations of the original game. As well as claiming some great bonuses with the added thrill of playing online Teen Patti on a mobile device.

If you’re a poker fan then you may already have heard about the game, as it’s similar to ‘3-card poker’. Or you may wish to learn how to play real money Teen Patti. Giving you the chance to have some fun online and potentially win some cash at the same time.

Either way, on this page you’ll find links to the guides that our experts have produced with you in mind. As well as learning the history behind the game and the different variants available at casinos.

Searching for an online casino where you can put your skills to the test can take time.
The internet is filled with platforms promising you the best bonuses and the best games, but which ones can you trust? And which ones will best suit your needs?

This is why we have put together the list of casinos below. Giving you the chance to enjoy many different variations of online Teen Patti games, safe in the knowledge that each platform has been reviewed by our team of experts. Providing you with the honest lowdown so that you can make your own mind up.

What Teen Patti Is

This simple card game is extremely popular in India and Southeast Asia. It’s usually played between 3 – 6 people with the dealer using a standard 52 pack of cards.

The game begins with each player adding their ‘boot’ (cash/chips) to the pot. This is the minimum stake amount, and as the game proceeds, this pot will increase. In standard Indian Teen Patti games, the winner of the hand will scoop all the cash in the pot.

Each card has its own rank/value and the aim of the game is to get the highest hand.

The secret to understanding real money Teen Patti is to first learn the history behind this simple game.

The History Of Teen Patti

We know that the game was first enjoyed in India, but history experts cannot say for certain which subcontinent it began in. Though there are plenty of mentions of the game in archives and history books, no one knows for sure the exact time period the game was invented in either.

The game is so similar to the British ‘3 card brag’ that Teen Patti in Hindi simply means ‘three cards’. It can also go by the name of ‘flash’ or ‘flush’ in some regions of India. It is especially popular for friends and families to play during the Indian holidays of Diwali and Janmashtami.

We can basically think of the game as being an Indian version of 3 card poker.

Variations of the Game

Even though real money Teen Patti is a very simple game using only 3 cards, there are many different versions. Which keeps things interesting when you are playing, adding some more fun into your experience.

A Teen Patti game can be played using a combination of any of these variations:


Also known as a muflis, the card rankings are played in reverse. Similar to lowball in poker, so the lower ranking combination will be the highest and vice versa.

Wild Draw

After dealing, one card will be randomly drawn and the dealer will call all matching cards as ‘wild cards’.

Best of Four

You will be dealt four cards in this Teen Patti game version. You’ll then need to make the best 3 card hand to win.

Low Wild

Your lowest ranking and all matching cards will become wild cards.

High Wild

This one is the opposite of the low wild. Each of your higher ranking cards and matches will be considered as wild cards.

Two Lowest Wild

Another variation of a Teen Patti game where you will be dealt 4 cards, with the 2 lowest values forming a virtual wild card. If you have a pair of cards then these will be counted as one wild. If your 2 middle-ranking cards are a pair though, you will not have any wilds to play.

Bust Card Draw

One random card is pulled by the dealer, who will then nominate all other matching cards as ‘bust’. If you are holding a bust card then you will need to ‘fold’.


This one is almost the same as stud poker. You will be dealt a predetermined mix of both face-up and face-down cards to begin with. Facedown cards are known as ‘hole’ cards and face up’s are ‘street’ cards.


This Teen Patti game option can be used when you’d like to change your hand. You’ll be able to get rid of the cards that you aren’t happy with and be dealt new ones. Although this is a tempting variation you will need to ‘buy’ any new cards by putting money into the pot.


All of your cards will be dealt to you face down with this variant. And there will be several face-up ‘community’ cards in the centre of the table. You can use these cards to make a 3 card hand. This one’s quite similar to Texas Hold’Em and can be played with a 3 or 5 card community.

Hi-Lo Split

If you have the best hand in a standard Teen Patti game then you will win all the cash in the pot. With a hi-lo split, the cash is divided between the players with the best high and low hand.
You may see hi-lo games called ‘declaration’ or ‘cards speak’. If there are player ties then the cash can be divided further into quarters or lower.


You will each be dealt a single card after putting a set amount of cash into the prize pot. You will all then place your cards on your forehead, enabling you to see all the other players’ cards but not your own. This variant is mostly played at the end of a Teen Patti online game.

Blind, King, and Jack

Also known as ‘kaana’. You will be dealt 3-4 cards with any Jack or King having a side profile being considered as a wild card. (Jack of spades or King of diamonds for example) This variant will begin with a player getting a trio, and will end when a player asks for a show to the one holding the Jack or King.

Kiss, Miss, and Bliss

In a Teen Patti real cash game, you will be dealt 5 cards and then have the option to make 3 virtual wild cards:

Kiss: A sequential numerical pair. E.g. A, 2 or 8,9 or Q and J.
Miss: A pair that is missing a card to form a sequence will be known as a single wild card. E.g. A,3 or 8,10 or J and K.
Bliss: 2 same numbered cards regardless of colour or suit. E.g. 8,8 or A,A, 10,10 etc.

You can make any combo of the cards above only once in a hand.

Cheating in Teen Patti

We know that it’s really common for friends and families playing real Teen Patti together, to cheat. Trying to trick the dealer and other players. In fact in some families, cheating is almost a tradition with separate bets being made on who can outwit each other by not playing by the rules.

And whilst this can be great fun in a less serious environment such as your grandparents’ lounge, it isn’t possible to cheat on any Teen Patti online game. It’s also unacceptable to try and cheat, and if you do then you could see yourself kicked out of a game.

Online Teen Patti games are licensed and heavily regulated, to keep you safe and give all players a fair but fun experience. There is no known way to cheat. And the games are created for both you and the dealer to win, with no way around this.

If you are playing a Teen Patti live dealer game, then the studio will be awash with cameras and there will be specially trained staff watching players’ every moves. In RNG Teen Patti real cash games, the games are mechanised so that cheating is impossible.

Using a Joker

It’s really common to use a joker in a Teen Patti game, and playing with one in the pack of cards could even help you win. There are several variations of the game which use jokers, and just like cheating – it’s a tradition to do so in some families in India.

If you’d like to try out a Teen Patti online game it’s important to understand that there aren’t any online Teen Patti versions which use jokers. This might seem a bit unfair and serious, but the games are created to give all players a fair and safe experience.