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AllGambling is slowly but steadily becoming the most popular gambling site in India because of our easy-to-understand gambling guides. When looking for the best tricks & strategies for roulette, you might come across pages full of formulas and history, just there to make the webmaster look smart.

We love mathematics here at AllGambling India, but we know not everyone does. That is why we say that the best guides for roulette are easy to read and even easier to understand. Learn Martingale and Fibonacci the way it is meant to be used, in just a matter of minutes with our comprehensive roulette strategy guides before you find a roulette casino to play at.


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Making it possible for you to get a short-term advantage over the casino, the Martingale roulette strategy is popular all over India. In our guide you can learn everything you need to know about the positives, negatives and whether the Martingale system is good for your playing style.




Being slightly more affordable than the Martingale system, many players turn to the Fibonacci system for safety. In our guide about the system, we will walk you through the positives and negatives of it before we focus on how you can use Fibonacci to your benefit.




When playing roulette there are some tricks you can use to win more constantly. Some of them are closely connected to individual strategies, however, many of them are applicable to all strategies. We’re now going to take a closer look at them, and you will quickly notice that they all can be attributed to making smart choices when playing roulette.

1. Adjust Bet Size To Fit Balance

A general rule when gambling and when playing roulette with a strategy, is adjusting your bet size to fit your balance. An aspect both Martingale and Fibonacci have in common, is that they can both become expensive in the long run. To make sure you don’t run out of money before the positives of the strategy become visible, you have to have a solid balance and start with the lowest allowed bet size. If you consistently end up using too little of your balance, you can adjust it to be a little bit bigger.

2. Stay consistent

Indian gamblers are strong believers in luck. This can sometimes make a player do things he shouldn’t, like for example switching a bet in the middle of using a strategy. Strategies in Roulette aims to take advantage of the even-money bets, which makes it very important to stay consistent. If you start your betting sequence by betting on black, you have to finish it on black before you change. If you switch to red after 3 losses, the strategy won’t work.

3. Quit when you have a profi

A general rule when you want to gamble responsibly is to quit when you have a profit. That is the only guarantee to not lose your money in an online casino, you will ever have. This rule applies to roulette and especially if you want to make money using a strategy. Both Martingale aims to lower your losses before you hit a winning streak, making it more likely for you to profit. This will only be true if you leave the table before the next losing streak.


We have now given you access to the best betting strategies for roulette, and we have given you some tips & tricks on how you can win using the strategies. We are now going to take a closer look at the winning formula in roulette.

The winning formula in roulette also serves as a short summary of our recommendations above. It all comes down to being consistent, using a strategy and gambling responsible. In the bullet point list underneath, we have listed the key ingredients to the winning formula in roulette.

  • Use Martingale or Fibonacci
  • Adjust your bet size according to your balance
  • Stay consistent, don’t change your bet midway through a betting sequence
  • Leave the table when you have a profit