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Top 15 Most Powerful Amulets for Gambling

Have you ever thought about luck while playing blackjack or choosing a lucky number before placing a bet on the lottery? Do we need it to win in games like poker, casino, etc.?

Many would say yes because, after all, not every casino game is based on a player’s skillset (slot games being a top example). Of course, we don’t need any powers or some special tools to enjoy gambling online, but still, when we see several players winning huge amounts of money, we start to wonder if there is anything we can do to help our luck.

Most of us believe that when someone wears something like necklaces or wristbands, they would have a positive energy that helps them win the game and diffuses all the negative energies around them.

So, what are these lucky charms, amulets and poker talismans which give their owners the powers to win? Here we have listed some of the most popular ones you may want to use in your next game.

1. The Chinese Coin Charm

This is one of the oldest good luck amulets for gambling which has been used since centuries ago.

As per legends, if this coin is worn on a string around your neck, then it will bring you good luck while playing games like blackjack or baccarat. It is also said that when you tie this coin then it would protect you from snake bites and brings in prosperity wherever you go.

2. Three Legged Toad Charm

Another popular good luck charm is believed to bring prosperity and harmony. Various cultures across the globe wear this amulet for gambling, but we need to add one condition that it would be effective only if it is blessed by a priest or any other religious leader.

3. The Inscribed Amulet

This charm works best for those looking forward to bringing in positive energies for their lives. This amulet has been inscribed with words like “happiness” and “good fortune” to motivate players while they move ahead towards winning.

4. The Lucky Rabbit's Foot

This is one of the most popular good luck charms for gamblers used to bring in positive energies and ignite your passion for winning. The rabbit’s foot is generally considered an amulet that brings prosperity and luck for those who use them regularly.

5. The Chinese Red Thread Charm

This is another lucky charm for gamblers that have been used since centuries ago. As per legends, the red thread has been associated with ancient gods and goddesses who wear it around their fingers to attract positive energy into their lives. You can also use this in your next game to win a large amount of money.

6. The Amulet of Aesculapius

The amulet is used for gambling or to bring luck in gambling games like Poker, Blackjack and Roulette. It is also known as a medical pendant, and it is used to stop bleeding from injuries by believers that wear it. This pretty much tells you how powerful the powers of this amulet are!

Some folks believe that this item resembles a Hippocratic Oath (to swear off medicine) as an ancient item with mysterious origins. However, many have said that the source might just be from Ancient Greek mythology, where Prometheus gave his son Aesculapius skills he learned while living among humans in order to help them.

And because of this, this amulet is used for peaceful purposes. It also gives men the courage to succeed in their goals. This item also brings good fortune and will bring luck to those who wear it when gambling in poker or casino games (poker mostly, of course).

If you are looking for a piece that will help you dominate at the tables, consider getting one of these necklaces.

7. The Hamsa Hand

A strong-looking hand symbolises protection from evil forces for all believers; however, the powers of this particular charm bestow the wearer with clairvoyance skills and the ability to see into the future.

This charm is also used for fertility, love, and luck in games of chance (whether this means at a casino or card game is not clear). Even if you do not have a good hand at gambling, the powers of this particular amulet will suit your needs!

8. The Hamsa Hand Amulet for Gambling

Another type of the hamsa hand amulet but this time, it is made explicitly for gamblers!

Made from brass and copper material, this item is perfect for those who like to wager large sums at casinos or card games (although you do not have to be an avid gambler). These specific amulets promise powers that will improve your skills in poker or any other casino game.

One thing’s for sure, though, because of its design, carrying one of these around might attract unwanted attention, so if you are afraid that people might hassle you because of your love for gambling, then you’d better opt-out on this piece.

9. The 2-Foot Long Snake Chain Amulet

A snake chain amulet promises to make its wearer skilled in games of chance… or at least that’s what some people believe!

It is said that if you have this item with you while gambling, not only will it prevent any bad luck but also bequeath powers of invincibility and protection to you!

If you are not familiar with magic, this item might just be a good alternative. You can use it as an amulet to ward off any bad luck that might happen in the future while playing poker or at a casino.

10. The Medallion Bag Charm

Now, if you’re into superstitions, then this is something worth getting! This trinket looks like what some people used during Halloween when they were little kids; however, it does not have much power other than warding off bad luck!

The powers of this charm are transferred through writing on the back of the medallion. For example, you can write your desire on it (for example, I want to win the lottery!) and it will definitely bring good luck to you!

11. The Kabbalah Shell Amulet

The Kabbalah shell amulet or something more commonly called ‘the Jewish faith money box’ is a powerful magical item that you can bring with you when gambling. It holds many prayers inside it, and the individual who carries this will never lose when playing games of chance.

12. The Protection Amulet of Archangel Michael

Another very popular amulet used by people besides the Kabbalah shell is an amulet representing and bringing good luck to its owner. This particular piece represents Archangel Michael – getting his powers on your side can change everything!

So what exactly are those powers? Well, he brings protection from anything bad that might happen to you while you’re playing games of chance! We’ve all heard stories about how some players win thousands of dollars in casinos and later returned with nothing; their story is actually about how they didn’t have Archangel Michael’s protection with them.

13. The Wishing Amulet

This potent amulet looks like some kind of crystal ball; it has incredible powers to help you simply wish your desire and make it happen! Some people use this as a tool for gambling, while others use it for simple desires in life. It can bring incredible amounts of money, or maybe find your lost dog… Whatever works, right?

14. The Good Luck Talisman

Now, if there’s anything we’ve learned about people who try to play games of chance without preparing well beforehand, then it’s this – they’re only asking for trouble! If you want to change that mindset and make yourself feel comfortable and relaxed when playing in a casino, get yourself this amulet. It will give you all the luck you need while gambling!

What kind of powers does it offer? Let’s just say: this piece is much more than an ordinary piece of jewellery. Make sure to take the time to familiarise yourself with its powers before using it for gambling; also, never play games of chance without wearing your “Good Luck Talisman”.

15. The Wish-Fulfilling Magic Amulet

It is an ancient Chinese product that can bring all your desires to life! However, don’t abuse this piece of jewellery; if you do, it may cause negative results in the future!

Some people who have used this particular item say that even though they were already losing at a game of chance (for example: playing poker) but after wearing this piece, they managed to win thousands of dollars. But remember – these kinds of events are usually short-lived and less effective in the long term, which means we should make our own efforts too rather than only relying on this piece of jewellery!


The above are the top 15 most powerful amulets for gambling that you can bring with you when playing games of chance. However, it is important to keep in mind that luck can never be controlled; you cannot rely on magic objects when playing games of chance as they will only help you increase your chances!

Make sure to use these items wisely and plan accordingly before gambling. By using all your best knowledge, wisdom and your favourite gambling strategy, there’s a high chance that you’ll make it and get ahead of your gambling peers!

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