Top 10 Monopoly Live Casinos in India



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Imagine if the traditional board game of MONOPOLY came to life, giving you the chance to throw aside the paper money and win real cash? This is just what the experts at Evolution Gaming have done in partnership with Hasbro—bringing you a unique live casino game with the chance to win up to ₹49,590,400.00 in real money.

MONOPOLY Live falls into the same family as one of India’s favourite games, Dream Catcher. But with the added excitement of one of the best bonus games, you’ll ever see in a live casino. And of course some massive multipliers, a charismatic live dealer, and supercharged game show entertainment.

MONOPOLY Live has revolutionised how we play live casino games and has won many awards including ‘best game of the year’. On this page, we will teach you everything that you need to know about this hot game. You’ll find our guide on how to play MONOPOLY Live – which is probably the most comprehensive and expert guide you’ll find online. It’s simple and aimed at all kinds of players, no matter what your experience level is.

If you are looking for a safe and trusted casino to enjoy MONOPOLY Live, then look no further. Discover all the best casinos for players in India, right here. We have carefully and expertly reviewed each of these platforms to bring you big welcome bonuses, huge game selections, and fast payments. Along the way, we have also found some great VIP and loyalty clubs that will reward you with plenty of real money and treats.

You will also get access to our exclusive betting strategy guide on MONOPOLY Live. We have pooled our many years of knowledge into this, to give you the chance to boost your game and hopefully your bankroll too.

Keep scrolling down to find out more, and to get your MONOPOLY Live experience on its way.

All about MONOPOLY Live

The geniuses at Evolution have encompassed all the legendary game’s best bits and wrapped them up into an exciting money wheel. With added extras and the chance to win big!

The aim is to predict the number which the wheel will land on after the game host has turned it. This is watched over by Mr MONOPOLY who sits on a chair next to the wheel, waiting to spring into action if you hit the bonus round.

MONOPOLY Live has a Return To Player (RTP) of 96.23%, meaning it is highly volatile. You can play this epic game on all your mobile devices wherever you are, as well as on your computer at home.

The Money Wheel

This is no ordinary money wheel. Besides the regular numbers, there are also ‘CHANCE’ segments, where Mr MONOPOLY will present you with a random card—giving you either an instant cash gift or a multiplier for your bet.

You’ll also notice the segments of ‘2 ROLLS’ and ‘4 ROLLS’, which are the golden keys to unlocking the captivating 3D bonus round, where Mr MONOPOLY jumps to life and takes you on a tour of the board game which we all love and know. That gives you the chance to win big cash prizes.

The Bonus Game

The bonus game is really what makes this money wheel truly special. Once activated, you will be transported into another world, guided by the expert Mr MONOPOLY. As he makes his way around a colourful 3D board, collecting prizes, multipliers and many more rewards for you.

You will pass by the famous London landmarks and see all of your favourite board game elements such as Community Chest, GO, Jail and Super Tax!

The bonus walk around is determined by a pair of dice, and even if you haven’t qualified for the round yourself – you can still have great fun watching the action play out. If you have triggered the Bonus game with either ‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS’, then you will get the respective dice rolls during the round.

There are other exciting areas of the board to look out for:

Double Dice

If you score any doubles whilst you are rolling the dice, you’ll get an extra roll, with an unlimited number of rerolls. There is no limit on possible rerolls during the bonus game.

Go to Jail

Like on the board game, if you land behind bars on this square, you’ll need to roll double dice to get out.

Passing GO

If your dice rolls are enough for Mr MONOPOLY to make a full journey around the game board, and he passes GO then each of the multipliers on the board will be doubled!

Income and Super Tax

If Mr Monopoly lands on the ‘Income Tax’ square of the board, then be prepared to give up a small per cent of your bonus winnings to the dreaded tax man! Similarly, if our chubby host lands on the ‘Super Tax’ square, you will see your bonus winnings reduced by 20%.

All the Best MONOPOLY Live Casinos in India

Check out our list above of all the casinos in India which you can play this epic game at. Kick-off your MONOPOLY Live journey the right way by choosing one of our thoroughly tested and recommended casinos.

And because it’s us, you can be sure that each of the casinos is properly licensed and can operate legally in India. They are using up to date security levels to keep you safe. As well as featuring generous welcome offers, regular bonuses to claim, and plenty of action and fun of course!