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MONOPOLY Live has since its release in 2019 caught casino players around the world’s attention and is increasing in popularity all over India by the day.

We guess that it has caught your attention since you are here looking for the best betting strategy on MONOPOLY Live. Fortunately, you have come to a site that takes this subject with great seriousness and has spent almost a year trying to create the ultimate strategy guide for you.

If you have tried the game, or even read the review, you will have noticed by now that playing MONOPOLY Live without any strategy will only get you an empty balance. As we all know, there is no entertainment in an empty account, so let’s get going by explaining to you how we have developed this guide.

Content Overview

How we found the best strategy

The MONOPOLY wheel is made up of 54 segments whereby each segment accrues a certain number of times and pays according to the set multiplier for that segment.

To ease it up a bit and use an example, segment 2 pay x2 your money and x10 pay 10 times your money back. Therefore, it was crucial for us to both understand and accept the mathematics behind this game before exploring the internet for good ideas and then put them to test. In case you don’t know from before, the RTP of this game is 96.23%.

This is the average RTP and can only be used to determine who has the edge. It might not come as a surprise, that the house or the live casino has the edge in this game as well.

To understand and develop good strategies, we needed to dig deeper than that. We needed to look at the RTP of each segment, and you can see in the table what we found.

SegmentsNumber of segmentsRTPPayout
2 ROLLS393.90%Random
4 ROLLS193.67%Random

As you can see, the number 1 and number 5 has a significantly lower RTP than the other segments. It makes it easy for us to disavow strategies like “betting on all segments”, which we know unfortunately is listed number 1 on Google, due to our research, and therefore is used by many players.


The best strategy on MONOPOLY Live is to use the knowledge of individual segments RTP and combine it with your balance and choose your preferred volatility.

To those of you not familiar with the expression volatility, this refers to winning often and little vs winning rare but a lot. Low volatility means that you will win a little quite often, while high volatility means that you will end up losing on a lot of spins, but when you hit, your win will most likely be more significant.

If you have a profound balance and can afford to lose for a time before you hit, we recommend you consider high volatility. In contrast, if you have a small balance, we recommend low volatility to make sure you maximise the number of spins you can participate in.

In this guide, you will find 5 levels of volatility, ranging from high to low volatility, so you can pick one or more that fits your balance and preferences. Before we get cracking on the strategies, we feel like describing the expression “units”.

Unit is an expression we use to determine bet size. What one unit is specifically is up to you. A typical thing to do is to make 1% of your starting balance 1 unit.

So, if you start with a balance of ₹10,000, one unit will be ₹100. If you begin with ₹200,000, one unit will be ₹2,000 and so on. How many percentages of your balance you want a unit to be, is entirely up to you.

Lowest Volatility

We start off with the lowest volatility. As mentioned before, segments 5 and 1 have a significantly lower RTP than the other elements – not our favourite, but it does have some upside. If your only aim is to make sure your balance lasts for as many spins possible and don’t mind actually losing money on the 2-rolls once in a while, this is the strategy for you.

2 ROLLS1.5Random
4 ROLLS1.5Random
Total stake10

Low Volatility

With this volatility, your aim is still to keep your balance for as long as possible before you hopefully hit one of the bonus rounds. This strategy covers 43 out of the 54 segments, meaning you will have a high hit rate. As you see from the table underneath, you have to hit a bonus round to actually make money from it, as you will either get paid back partially or in a large part when you hit in the base game.

2 ROLLS2Random
4 ROLLS2Random
Total stake10

Medium Volatility

This is the one we are using when playing MONOPOLY Live. As it usually keeps our balance quite level and has a good chance of making you money in one of the bonus rounds. Your hit rate will be lower here than in the strategy with low volatility with 25 out of 54 segments covered. This one works better when you have balance enough to wait for a bonus round or two to hit.

2 ROLLS1Random
4 ROLLS2Random
Total stake6

High Volatility

We have reached a strategy fit for a deep pocket. If you are playing MONOPOLY Live to hit big and not grind it out, this can be a good strategy for you. With this betting strategy, your hit rate will be low, but the potential upside of hitting the bonus round is big. It covers 25 out of 54 segments on the money wheel, but the staking makes the base game a bit less valuable, and a bonus hit more valuable.

2 ROLLS4Random
4 ROLLS4Random
Total stake10

Highest Volatility

If you have a large balance and are in it to go on youtube with your big win, this is the strategy for you. With only 10 out of 51 segments covered, this strategy is for deep pockets aiming for one thing only – the bonus game. With a sizable bet on each of the bonus rounds, this strategy can be very sizeable, and that is the upside with it.

2 ROLLS5Random
4 ROLLS3Random
Total stake10

Why you should use a strategy

It might be clear as day to someone why you should play with a strategy, but it is fair to ask why to bother when you will end up losing in the long run anyway.

First and foremost, we need to understand what RTP is. RTP is calculated over at least one billion spins and is an average. That means some players will lose more than 3.67% of their balance, and some will end up winning money. The reason for that is because you have two key elements that need to be considered.

Number 1 is that you won’t or at least shouldn’t play 1 billion spins in a row. The other being temporary luck. When you break those 1 billion spins into 5-10-20-50-100 and so on spins at a time, you can be lucky and get an RTP above 100%, which is evident in the many videos of big wins in this game.
By the time you hit that lucky streak, you want to have kept your balance or at least not lost too much, and that’s where the best strategies for MONOPOLY Live comes in.