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As a player, it’s common to think about the security in online casino games once in a while. Especially when we are on a losing streak, questions surrounding fairness and possible scams can quickly appear in our minds.

AllGambling India is created by players, and the purpose of our site is to guide other players on questions such as these. We do that with transparency and honesty because we believe this is the road to trust between the players and ourselves.

This time, we’ve put down a lot of effort into finding the answer to how secure online casino games are. While doing the research for this article, we have learned a lot about casino games that we didn’t know before.

Since we are casino experts with over 40 years of combined experience, we believe you will learn a lot from this article as well.

If you want to learn everything there is to know about how secure online casino games are, you can read from top to bottom. However, if you are looking for specific information on a subtopic, you are welcome to skip ahead, using our content overview.



To start this walkthrough of how safe online casino games are, we will learn a little bit about what goes into the safety term on this topic. In other words, we will look at what indicators to look for when trying to determine whether or not the casino game is safe.

As we already know, everyone should be careful when spending time on the internet. That is particularly true when you plan on spending money.

A part of spending money online is trusting websites with personal information, such as names, account details, email addresses, phone numbers and your whereabouts.

This is why the first thing about online casino game security has to do with privacy and how online casinos handle your personal information.


Most online casinos are registered on a small island in the Mediterranean, named Malta. Malta is part of the EU which is known all over the world for its strict policies on privacy, money laundering and anti-terror funding.

The act against illegal storage of personal information in the EU is more commonly known as GDPR. This act makes sure that keepers of private information can’t keep it for longer than a set period, and they can’t share it with a 3rd party without your consent.

As you may begin to realise, your privacy is the number one pillar when it comes to playing secure online casino games. But how do you check if the online casino you play at comply with GDPR?

The easiest way to check this is by looking at our list of trusted gambling sites, as all of them comply with GDPR. If you find your online casino there, you are safe. If you don’t you should consider a switch.

A little bit more tricky method of checking this is by visiting the privacy policy of your online casino. When you are in there, search for the term “GDPR” and read those sections. If you are unsure how to search for specific terms on your device, check the table underneath.

DeviceHow to search
Apple (Mac)Command+F
AndroidBrowser menu > Find in page
iPhoneTap Search Field > Type keyword

In the image below, you see an example of what we found at LeoVegas, a well known online casino game provider in India. As you can tell, LeoVegas complies with GDPR and qualifies as a secure site to play online casino games at.



If you ask a middle-aged person that tried online casino games during the late ’90s, they will tell you that they are unsafe and can potentially scam you out of your money. This reputation was acquired because of the unregulated nature of this industry during that time.

However, those days have passed and we are now in a time period where almost all online casinos are operating under strict licences. In India, most online casinos and casino game providers hold a licence from Malta or Curacao.

We will now take a look at what the licencing system has to do with how secure online casino games are and how you can make sure you play a licenced online casino game.

The first topic we will address is the change in security when it comes to payouts. The last thing you want to happen is that the online casino game swallows your money or doesn’t pay out what you have won. A licence gives you a guarantee against this.

Another thing that a licence such as the one from the Malta Gaming Authority makes sure of, is that the games must consist of an unbias and fair payout model, pre-approved by the licencing authority. That includes no funny mathematics, no rigged online slots and no rigged games with live dealers and hosts.


There are three simple ways of finding out whether or not a game is licenced, and as an effect, secure. Below, we guide you on how to check this in a few simple steps.

The third thing a licence gives you is the right to find payout information from the casino game in its menu. When you are inside the game, you can easily find information such as house edge, maximum payouts, minimum stake and how the game pays out in the menu.


When you visit AllGambling.com you get a security guarantee. If a game is mention, recommended or highlighted on our page, you can know for sure that the game is both licenced and secure with a fair payout model.

In the example below, you see a screenshot of our recommended real money online casino games. This is a typical mention here with us.



One of the obligations online casinos operating under a licence have is to only provide licenced online casino games. This is why you don’t have to check every single game, but rather visit the footer section of the online casino and check for the licence logos or the licence number on the online casino.

In the image below, you see an example of Betway’s licence registration number. You can also see the MGA logo clearly visible.



If you want to dig into the details and see with your own eyes that the exact game you are playing, holds a licence, we recommend checking the MGA licence register. Before you can do this, you need to know which game provider has created the game you are playing.

In the example below, we have searched for Evolution Gaming, the creators behind games such as Crazy Time Live and different kind of table games, such as Blackjack.



How secure online casino games are, depends on whether or not the casino game is licenced and if the online casino you play with, complies with GDPR. The benefits of playing licenced games at online casinos complying with GDPR are as follows:

  1. Fair payout models
  2. Information is transparent and honest
  3. No scams
  4. No rigged gameplay
  5. Safe payments
  6. Safe storage of information
  7. No information is shared without consent

If you choose to play an unlicensed online casino game or play at an online casino that doesn’t comply with GDPR, you risk facing one or more of the following things:

  1. Money gets lost
  2. Rigged gameplay
  3. Your private information gets shared with 3rd parties without your consent
  4. Information can get stolen
  5. You can get scammed
  6. You can get blocked when you win


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