House Edge & How Casino Make Their Money

For a beginner, the idea of understanding the concept of house edge can be complicated. To put it in simple words, the house edge is the advantage a casino has over you as a player. It is also called the casino advantage.

Even though every casino game comes with different rules, the house edge is something that they all have in common. The house edge is not set by individual casinos, rather comes predetermined with the games.

Casino games are luck-based, even when you are being strategic. You will not win every time you play. However, the house edge makes sure that the casino makes money from every bet you place.

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Strategize Your Bets

As an online casino player, determining the most beneficial game for you is very important. Rather than trying to avoid the house edge, playing along and learning how to minimise your losses can help you gain the upper hand.

The chance for you to win a game lessens when the house edge is high. If you are new, choose a game that offers the best payout ratios to decrease the risk of losing.

How Do Casinos Generate Income?

While there are a few differences between online and offline casinos, the house edge is a big part of their revenue model. There are a few other components that come along with it that make casinos one of the most profitable businesses out there. Understanding these might increase your chances of winning!


Casinos charge you a certain fee for each game you play from their roster. For example, the casino could take a percentage or charge you a fee for each wagering amount of the rounds of game you play.


These bonuses can be very tempting for players. You can easily get carried away and spend more than what you anticipated to play, not always knowing that the odds of winning are close to zero in such instances.

Welcome bonuses and other types of bonuses are there to keep you hooked. To you, the more you play, the more bonuses you get. To the casinos, the more you play the more money they make!

Big Prizes

Big prizes like jackpots and tickets can be very lucrative when you are new to a casino. But it mostly acts as lead magnets. A lot of people make deposits based on just bonuses. However, there are only a few handfuls of winners.

A casino can allow a player to win a big prize easily, while simultaneously making a profit from the rest of the accumulated funds. No matter what form of incentives you are given by the casino operator, always remember that their goal is to keep making more money.


Gambling online can be very entertaining. We like the excitement that comes along with it, even though we know that we may incur some losses along the way. Yet, it’s often easy to fall into the trap of thinking that playing more will get you closer to winning.

But that’s rarely the case.

When it comes to online casinos, the algorithms are set up in a way to decrease your chances of winning. You may end up spending way more time than expected to win a game.

Casinos make money from irresponsible gamblers regularly. Operators will use a wide range of marketing strategies to compete with each other and to retain you as a player. Therefore, it is important to strategically manage your money, and gamble responsibly.

Gambling experts recommend that aiming to win a small amount rather than a huge one is the best way to play in online casinos.

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