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Go from intermediate to expert with this guide on how to win in an online casino.

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Not all casino guides have to be simple guides, perfect for beginners. Some of us have long experience from playing online casino games and want to take it to the next level. We want to become experts.

Our guide on how to win is the soul and heart of a larger article series digging deep into the complicated aspects of an online casino. The goal is to help you go from an intermediate level player to an expert.

To help you win in an online casino we will cover topics such as how to protect your balance, how to use strategy and how to take advantage of the bonuses you may receive.

We will cover the topics just enough for you to get an understanding of the subjects in this article, however, we will link to comprehensive guides allowing you to become the expert you want to be.

If you feel like you lack some of the basic knowledge about online casinos, you can take advantage of our brilliant articles series, starting with the very basic and slowly getting more and more complicated.

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Let’s get started with our guide on how to win in an online casino. What better way to start than learning about how you can protect your money balance?



Before we get started on how to protect your money balance, it’s essential that you understand how Return to Player (RTP) works. This will be the key to understanding why we use the techniques we do to protect our balance.

For those of you who know about strategies used in stock brokerage and investments, will recognise the balance protecting strategy.

As RTP is calculated over 1 billion spins and the volatility in what the game pays out varies within that range, we have to use a strategy well adapted to the nature of casino games.

The answer lies in getting as many spins as possible with our money, without risking losing it all in one go and we do that by minimising the stake per spin.


Well, you might think that sounds boring but there are many techniques you can use to do this without always using the minimum bet function in the game.

The one we like to use is the ‘Unit Strategy’ and to determine a unit, we use percentage.

Before you start playing, you decide on a loss limit. This is where you tell yourself to stop playing when the balance is down to X amount of money.

When you have done that, you decide how many percentages of your balance you want to stake per spin. We recommend using 1-2% as your starting point.

Below we have created an overview of balance and recommended bet size. You can either follow it to detail or use it as a template for how you want to play.

Money balance
Bet size (1%)
Bet size (2%)
Up to 1000
Between 1000 & 2500
Between 2500 & 5000
Between 5000 & 7500
Between 7500 & 10000

With this system or strategy, you don’t have to recalculate every time your balance change. By doing it this way, you will slowly lower your stake if you are on a losing streak, increasing the number of spins you get from the game.

The result is more chances of hitting a big win, either bringing you back to start or making a nice profit after a losing streak.

You can dig deeper into this subject in our guide on how to protect your balance.


Similar to other industries, online casinos are there as a business with the purpose of earning shareholders money. This is an important fact many players tend to forget about.

To make money over time, you need to have an advantage and to gain that advantage, the industry use mathematics.

Although temporarily being lucky can win you some easy money, it’s not a viable strategy to use in the long run. If you want to win in an online casino, you need to fight them on their own turf, through mathematics and the use of proven betting strategies.

There are two ways of implementing strategy in your gameplay. One is by using a strategy that tells you when to bet, when to fold or when to perform other actions in a game. An example of such a strategy would be playing with the basic blackjack strategy.

The other way of implementing a strategy is by allowing one to determine how much one should bet each game round. A famous example of such a strategy is the Martingale System. This is a betting system often used in several games as a betting strategy.

If you want to dig deeper and really understand this subject, we recommend checking out our guide on how to use strategy.



Bonuses are an important part of online casino entertainment, which is why you find a lot of content about the subject here at AllGambling. You may for example have read about them in our guide on how casinos work.

Right now, we will scrape the surface of how you can use bonuses to gain an advantage over the online gambling site. If you are interested in becoming an expert on this topic, we suggest you also check out our comprehensive guide on how to use bonuses.

We already know that RTP makes sure an online casino site keeps its advantage over players in the long run. We also know that house edge serves the same purpose for a betting site.

A bonus is our way of gaining an advantage over the gambling site.

Whenever the gambling site gives out something for free, they immediately give up their advantage in the short run. An example of this is a 25% profit boost placed on a football game with only a 6% house edge. Used correctly, a player has the advantage in that bet.

Online gambling bonuses tend to make people believe they have a free shot at becoming rich. Although the possibility is there, the probability isn’t.

For that reason, the correct way to use the bonus you have received would be to either play the highest RTP game you can find or place a bet with the lowest odds still eligible to be used in a bonus bet.

This will effectively increase your chances of gaining a profit from bonuses given to you by either an online casino or a betting site.

It’s important to us that you understand that this is how you use a bonus if winning is the only purpose. However, if you are there for entertainment purpose, we simply recommend that you use the bonus on something that gives you joy. If huge accumulator bets make you happy, that is what we recommend.



It’s not uncommon to be a bit superstitious when playing online casino games or betting on sports. Many people have favourite games or bets they play because they tend to be luckier on those games.

Despite this fact, there is no hard evidence that makes it a viable strategy only playing popular games over time. There is, however, evidence that suggests the opposite.

Finding profitable bets or games comes down to finding high RTP and a low house edge. The perfect example of a popular game not being profitable is Mega Moolah by Microgaming. With an RTP of 88.12%, this game is one of the least profitable games out there.

You can find profitable games by checking out the information provided within the game description in an online casino.

Because this is time-consuming and a bit difficult, we have decided to cover this topic and provide you with information on the most profitable games in our comprehensive guide on how to find profitable games.


When it all comes together, we can break profitable play in an online casino down to four elements. It all starts by learning how to protect your balance through betting sizes and the use of units. This is how you make sure you don’t lose everything when you are on a losing streak.

Furthermore, we recommend both using a playing strategy and a betting strategy. This is about maximizing your win potential when you are not on a losing streak.

Stepping away from the games and into the lobby, there are two things in particular that you can do to win in an online casino. One is utilizing the bonuses you receive to the maximum. Relying less on luck in the two first steps, your chances of turning a small loss to a small win significantly increases when you know how to use bonuses.

Last but not least, a lot comes down to the games you play. If you play games with a low RTP, you can’t expect to be profitable. The house edge is simply too large. However, if you play a high RTP game, your chances of winning become close to 50/50 which is all you can hope for in an online casino.