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Learn why you have to verify and how to verify your gambling account.

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A licensed online gambling site will eventually ask you to verify your account information. In this casino guide, you can learn why and how to verify.

When you play online casino or enjoy online betting, you will eventually be asked to verify your gambling account. This normally happens when you try to make your first withdrawal.

In this guide on how to verify your account, we will walk you through every step in the process. While doing so you will learn why you have to verify as well as which documents you will need before the gambling site can verify your identity.

This article is part of a larger series of articles on how to play online casino. If you have more questions related to gambling online, you will most likely find your answers either in that casino guide or the supporting guides.

Now, however, it’s time to learn more about the verification process, and we start off by explaining why you have to verify your account.



When a random online casino wants to become a legal online casino, they have to apply for a gambling license. When doing so, they have to comply with a number of different rules and regulations. Being registered in either Malta or Curacao, they also have to comply with EU laws and regulations.

One of the regulations online gambling sites have to comply with is the KYC regulation. KYC is an abbreviation for ‘Know Your Customer’ and the purpose is to prevent different kinds of bonus abuse, fraud and funding of criminal organizations.

Another important reason why you have to verify is to prevent underage people as well as known gambling addicts from gambling with their online gambling sites.

We hope that knowing why you have to verify your account helps to motivate you to help your online gambling site comply with regulations.



Depending on the gratitude of the verification process, you may be asked to provide different kinds of documents. This will also depend on which payment method you have used for deposits and withdrawal.

The most common documents the online gambling site may ask you to provide is:

  1. Identification
  2. Proof of Address
  3. Ownership to the payment method

1. Identification

To prove that you are who you claim you are, the gambling site may request identification. The most common documents they may ask you to provide are either a passport or ID card.

If you don’t own a passport or an ID card, you can normally get away with the combination of a drivers license and your birth certificate.

2. Proof of Address

To fight fraud, money laundering and terror funding, the gambling site may ask you to provide proof of address. The purpose is to make sure the person receiving the withdrawal is the same person that deposited money into the account.

Another important reason why you have to provide proof of address is to prevent people living in countries where gambling is regulated by different authorities from pretending they live in another country.

To prove that you live where you claim that you live, you can either provide a letter from the government or a utility bill sent to your address, with your name on it. The letter or utility bill has to be a maximum of 3 months old.

3. Proof of ownership to payment method

Proof of ownership to the payment method is purely to prevent money laundering and terror funding. Same as with the proof of address, they make sure that the recipient of the withdrawal is the same person that deposited.

You can prove the ownership by taking a picture of both sides of the debit card you used. Make sure you cover some of the VISA or Mastercard numbers, according to guidelines from the gambling site before you do so.

If you have used an e-wallet to deposit, you can take a screenshot of your account showing the logo, your name and account details.

When using bank transfer, you can provide a bank statement also showing the logo of the bank, your name and the account details.