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Become more profitable by learning how to use a strategy.

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When working yourself from beginner to expert in online casino games, knowing how to use a strategy is one of the most important things you can learn.

By using mathematically proven strategies and systems when betting on sports, playing slot machines and enjoying live casino games will increase your chances of winning.

We believe that we can all agree that online gambling becomes more entertaining when you win and make a profit. This is why we can’t see any good reason why someone would want to play without a strategy.

Being such a crucial part of being profitable, this guide is included in our article series about how to win in an online casino.

This series covers topics such as bankroll protection and how to use bonuses correctly, which we can recommend to anyone looking to make some quick cash through gambling.

Further in this article we will focus on betting strategies and decision strategies, explain the difference between them and reveal when you should use them.



Before we can implement a strategy in gambling, we have to understand the difference between them. Unfortunately, many people are confused by the big variety of strategies but don’t be scared as our experts at AllGambling has come to your rescue.

Gambling strategies can be divided into two main categories. You will obviously find strategies combining the two, but the most common strategies represent one or the other.

When looking for a strategy online, people tend to search for the words ‘betting strategy’ in combination with the game they need a strategy for. However, this is query is a combination of the two types of strategies.

What people are normally looking for is either a betting system or a gameplay strategy.

The goal of a betting system is to decide on betting sizes or the distribution of bets in more complex games, while the purpose of a gameplay strategy is to help you make the right decision when playing.

Although betting systems and gameplay strategies often are used in combination, the nature of the two is very different.

types of strategies


Betting systems are exceptionally important when it comes to making a profit in gambling. This is because they play a huge role in protecting your bankroll from going empty.

The purpose of betting systems is to minimize your losses when you are unlucky and maximise your winnings when you are lucky.

Implementing a betting system to your gameplay will also help you keep disciplined and become a more responsible player because they are strict.

A betting system many players turn to is the trusted Martingale system. This is a system that tells you to double your stake every time you lose and go back to your starting bet size whenever you win.

The Martingale system is a very typical betting system because it says something about how much you should bet and when, while not saying anything about which moves you should make.


Unlike a betting system, gameplay strategies focus on increasing your chances of winning. A good gameplay strategy will also help you minimize losses, however, this is not the main focus area.

A gameplay strategy will give you guidance on which moves you should make while playing. A good example of this is the basic blackjack strategy.

The basic blackjack strategy gives advice on whether you should hit, stay, split, or double down in blackjack.

Especially in live casino games, the RTP of the game only applies to a player using such a strategy. An example of this is blackjack that promise as high as 99.60% RTP.

This RTP however only applies to players using a betting system, a gameplay strategy and count cards at the same time.