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In this guide on how to use bonuses, we reveal the secret behind turning bonuses into real money.

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Casino bonuses are popular around the world and India is no exception. When you sign up with a new online casino, you are often offered a welcome bonus consisting of either a deposit bonus or free spins, depending on the casino you have chosen.

Existing customers receive bonuses as well. Online casinos often require you to accept email communication before you are eligible to receive these bonuses and in our mind, it’s a super sweet deal. If you know how to use a strategy, these bonuses can be the difference between profitable and non-profitable gameplay.

One question many people ask themselves when they receive these bonuses is how they can effectively utilize these casino bonuses. In this short guide, we will tell you exactly how to maximise the potential of your casino bonus.


Deposit bonuses are often given to new customers. Now and then existing customers will also receive this great type of bonus. A good example of this is the ₹90,000 deposit bonus new customers get when they sign up at Pure Win via AllGambling.

When you get a welcome bonus, more often than not, you will have to wager the bonus 20-40 times before it is converted to real money. In this section, we will answer how you best convert these bonuses into real Indian Rupees.

It all begins with the attitude you have towards these bonus funds. If you think of deposit bonuses as real, hard-earned money that you need to protect, you won’t get far.

However, if you think of deposit bonuses as a free ticket to win the lottery, you are on the right track. This is because the wagering requirements are designed to only leave you with a small share of extra winnings, proving the point that bonuses are to be treated as extra playing time.

To convert these funds into money, you will have to win big at least a couple of times. As a result, you need to focus on maximizing the potential winnings when you are lucky and hit something nice.


Steps towards utilizing deposit bonuses

  1. Find slot machines with a minimum RTP of 96.5%, This is to ensure you have close to a 50% chance of winning something.
  2. Make sure the game you choose has high volatility. This is because small winnings won’t get you far. It’s better to lose on many spins and win big when you actually win.
  3. Play games with bonus rounds / free spins only. This is because the winning potential is bigger when you enter a bonus round. Remember, this is about getting those big wins.


We’ve just learned how to best utilize deposit bonuses and as you now know, it’s possible to influence your own luck with that type of bonuses. However, free spins are a different story.

With a deposit bonus, you have the freedom to pick games, bet sizes and more importantly; whether you want to use it on live casino or slot machines. However, free spins are always locked to one single slot machine, and the betting value is set.

This is why the only thing you can do to affect your potential with free spins is to monitor your email inbox and make sure you take advantage of all free spin offers you get.

They are after all a free chance of winning big.