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How To Play Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a classic and traditional game with its origin in India. If you have played poker before, you will recognise the similarities between this game and ‘Three Card Poker’.

Regardless of what level you are on right now, we promise you that when you are done reading this guide on how to play Teen Patti, you will be an expert.

The first good thing about Teen Patti is that it’s truly easy to learn and master. If you know the rules of the game and the hand ranking, you are set to learn how to place your stake in a Teen Patti casino.

To give you a soft introduction to the game, let’s start by looking at the hand ranking or what many people call the Teen Patti rules.

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The Hand Ranking (rules) in Teen Patti

If you have heard of Teen Patti before, it’s likely that you have heard about family members playing the game with each other. Good fortune has given us an online version from Ezugi that is very similar to the traditional Indian version of the game.

The game can be played in most of our recommended online casinos and has a hand ranking in common with the traditional, Indian version. In this section, we will talk about the value of the hands and which cards you need to combine to achieve those hands.

We have added a Teen Patti hand ranking cheat sheet towards the end for extra value. This cheat sheet is downloadable both on desktop and mobile and will come in handy when you play online. Let’s get going with the hand ranking in Teen Patti:

  1. Trail or Set
  2. Pure sequence
  3. Sequence or Run
  4. Color
  5. Pair
  6. High Card

As you can tell from this list, it’s only possible to hit 6 categories of hands in Teen Patti. The hands can of course vary within the categories, but they still share the same ranking.

It’s time to go more into detail and explain further what cards you need to get before you have one of the ranking hands.

1. Trail or Set

Trail or Set is known to many as either Three of a Kind or Trio. You need three cards of the same value to have this hand. Three aces are the highest-ranked trail combination, while three 2’s are considered the lowest-ranked trail.

2. Pure Sequence

Pure Sequence in Teen Patti equals what poker players recognise as a Straight Flush. You have this hand if you have three cards in a row with the same color (symbol). The highest-ranked Pure Sequence is A-K-Q (Ace – King – Queen) in the same colour, and the lowest-ranked Pure Sequence is 4-3-2 in the same colour.

3. Sequence (Run)

As we are now getting used to with Teen Patti hands, they are all similar to poker hands, without necessarily sharing the same name. In Teen Patti a straight is named either Sequence or Run. To achieve this hand you must have three cards in a row. The color doesn’t matter with this kind of Sequence. The highest-ranked Sequence is A-K-Q and the lowest-ranked Sequence is 4-3-2.

4. Color (Flush)

Unlike other poker variants, the Flush or Color as it’s named in Teen Patti has a lower value than the Straight. For those of you not familiar with the game at all, a ‘Color’ is three cards with the same symbol. The number doesn’t count towards achieving the Color but if two or more people, including the dealer, the numbers will count as a tie-breaker. The highest-ranked Color is A-K-J in the same color, and the lowest-ranked Color is 5-3-2 in the same color.

5. Pair (Two of a kind)

A pair is the second easiest hand to get in Teen Patti and also ranked second to bottom in value. To achieve a Pair you have to get two cards with the same value. The highest-ranked Pair in Teen Patti is A-A-K where the K serves as a kicker (high-card) and the lowest-ranked Pair is 2-2-3 where the 3 serves as the kicker.

6. High Card

Sharing the name with poker, High Card is the lowest-ranked hand in Teen Patti. That is easy to understand as High Card is the name of the hand you have when you’ve got absolutely nothing except random numbers. The highest-ranked High Card is A-K-J with less than three of the same symbol, and the lowest-ranked High Card is 5-4-2 with less than three of the same symbol.

Downloadable Hand Ranking Chart


The Hand-Probability in Teen Patti

Closely connected to the hand ranking in Teen Patti, is the probability of hitting the hands. With the help of Wikipedia, we have created a table showing the probability of hitting a hand-category in percentage, ratio, and odds.

Trail (Set)520.24:1000.24%416.67
Pure Sequence480.45:1000.45%222.22
Sequence (Run)7203.71:1003.71%26.95
High Card1644074.39:10074.39%1.31

How Betting Works in Online Teen Patti

After looking very closely at the rules of Teen Patti and the probability of hitting card-categories, we are moving over to another basic skill in the game. We are now taking a closer look at how betting works in Teen Patti.

Both when playing Teen Patti online and with your family or friends, there is a betting structure in place that will determine how the game plays out. Divided into sections, you will now get presented with the different kinds of bets you have to make to participate in the game.

Entry Fee (Ante)

When playing Teen Patti, you are normally faced with an entry fee for every hand dealt. This fee is often referred to as an ante or the boot amount. This ante can either be in form of an equal amount per player, or a single larger amount put down by one player in a rotation.

In the online casino version, the ante will be an amount per player, as everyone is welcome to stand up and leave the table at any time. The amount you place in ante will determine how much you can bet at a later stage.

Call and Raise (Chaal)

The call and raise are options you are faced with after getting dealt your cards. After placing your ante in online Teen Patti, the dealer goes ahead and deal cards to each player at the table. When making this decision it is important to remember that you are not competing against the other players online, just the dealer. If you believe you have a chance to beat the dealer, you can call by placing the same amount you placed as ante earlier. If you want to increase your stake, you can raise by placing the double amount of what you placed as ante.

Online vs. Real Life Betting in Teen Patti

If you have played real-life Teen Patti before, you have probably noticed that the Post bet and Blind bet aren’t part of how you bet online. The post bet is a forced amount a player has to place before they can re-enter after a break or trip to the restroom. A blind is a forced bet similar to Ante, only applicable in real-life Teen Patti.

As mentioned above, another difference between the two is the fact that you play against the dealer only. You don’t compete against the other players around the table, which makes the two variants a little bit different from one another.

Where To Play Teen Patti Online

It was in 2019 the game provider Ezugi first introduced Teen Patti to the online casino world. Collaborating with some of the biggest online casinos out there, only a few got access to the game at an early stage. One of these was LeoVegas Casino and the two are still a killer combination when it comes to playing Teen Patti online.

Today more and more online casinos understand the value of Indian players, and the result is more casinos to play Teen Patti. In the grid below, you can find the top 3 best Teen Patti casinos to start your Teen Patti adventure with.

A Short Summary

Teen Patti is an easy game to master, even for beginners. We’ve learned that there are only 6 categories of hands a player can get and that the card ranking is downloadable further up on this page. The online casino version is quite similar to the real-life version of Teen Patti, with some differences in betting structure and the fact that you play against the dealer, not other players.

Teen Patti Strategy To Use

Now that you know how to play Teen Patti, it’s time to learn strategy. Playing with a good Teen Patti strategy will not only make the game more fun but will also maximize the potential winnings in the long-run. Our experts here at AllGambling has over 40 years of experience in the industry. These experts have prepared the most comprehensive strategy guide out there, for you to enjoy.