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How to play MONOPOLY Live

MONOPOLY Live entered the casino world in 2019 and quickly became one of the brightest stars on the casino sky. Millions of players worldwide have tried it, and based on the current popularity, almost everyone loved it. That is most certainly the reality in India as well, and this article will teach you how to play the game.

Master MONOPOLY Live by learning how to place a bet, the payout of the segments, and how to use the features inside the game. Just what you need before you find an online casino to play the game at.

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Available only from Evolution, MONOPOLY Live is a unique live online game show based on the world’s best-loved board game.

An all-new special edition of our popular Dream Catcher game, MONOPOLY Live takes the excitement and suspense of their world-leading money wheel game and adds unique MONOPOLY game elements.

As well as offering the chance to bet on the wheel stopping on a specific number, the wheel incorporates ‘CHANCE’ segments for instant cash wins and multipliers, and ‘2 ROLLS’ and ‘4 ROLLS’ segments. These latter segments activate a captivating, augmented reality, 3D Bonus game built around the adventures of MR. MONOPOLY.

A live game host spins the wheel while the virtual MR. MONOPOLY sits alongside ready to spring into action. When the Bonus game is activated, join MR. MONOPOLY as he enters his 3D MONOPOLY world and steps around the 3D MONOPOLY board collecting prizes, multipliers and more for qualifying players.

It’s another hot property from Evolution — a game that redefines Live Casino entertainment forever and offers the chance of massive multiplier wins! Check out our MONOPOLY Live Review if you want more information.

How to play the game

Before you go ahead and find yourself an online gambling site to play at, we have some very useful information to share with you. It is time to learn how to play MONOPOLY Live. Let’s get to it.

MONOPOLY Live from Evolution is a unique Dream Catcher special edition of one the world’s best-known board games.

The main game’s aim is simple: the game host spins a super-sized, vertically mounted wheel and players predict the segment the wheel is going to stop at after the spin.

MONOPOLY Live also features an exciting bonus game that takes you to a virtual 3D MONOPOLY world, where MR. MONOPOLY walks around the familiar board and collects prizes for qualifying players. How far he walks is determined by the roll of the two dice in the bonus game.

In this part, you will learn how to play this online casino game and about the bonuses.

How to play the main game

The wheel is divided into 54 equal segments separated by pins. 48 of the segments are marked
with a number (1, 2, 5, 10), with a unique colour for each number. The other six elements are two ‘CHANCE’ segments, three ‘2 ROLLS’ segments and one ‘4 ROLLS’ segment.

Players simply place their bet/s on a segment they believe the wheel will stop at: 1, 2, 5, 10, ‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS’. Except for ‘CHANCE’, all segments appear in the UI on a correspondingly coloured betting grid that appears in front of the wheel and game host.

The game host then spins the wheel. When it comes to a stop, the winning segment is indicated by the pointer at the top of the wheel. If the wheel stops at a numbered element the player has placed their bet on, they win. If the wheel stops at one of the ‘CHANCE’, ‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS’ segments, this opens up further opportunities for the player to win.

All bets are paid with the odds matching the number in the winning segment: e.g. winning number 5 pays 5 to 1, winning number 10 pays 10 to 1, and so on. The bet placed on the winning part is returned together with the player’s winnings.

‘CHANCE’ results in a cash prize or a multiplier bonus, and ‘2 ROLLS’ and ‘4 ROLLS’ activate the Bonus game.

The “CHANCE” segments

If the wheel stops on a ‘CHANCE’ segment, the players are presented with a Chance card by
MR. MONOPOLY. The card will show either a random cash prize or multiplier bonus.

  • If the Chance card shows a cash prize, then each player wins the random cash amount shown on the card.
  • If the Chance card shows a multiplier bonus, all player bets remain in place. The game host then spins the wheel again, and the multiplier won will multiply the winnings for this next spin. If the player gets a multiplier once more, their multiplier will be increased.

Multiplier example:
If the player bets €100 on segment 5 and gets a Chance card with an 8x multiplier player will win €100 x 8 x 5, which is €4,000. If the next spin results in a Bonus game, the participant will only succeed if the bet was placed on ‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS’.

The Bonus Game

To participate in the Bonus game players place bets on ‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS’ or both. If the wheel stops at one of those segments, the Bonus game starts and MR. MONOPOLY sets off on his adventures in the 3D MONOPOLY world.

Players must have placed a bet on the specific ‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS’ segment that the wheel has landed on to participate in the Bonus game. If the player has not placed either of these bets, they will still see the Bonus game but will not win any prizes in it.

If the wheel lands on ‘2 ROLLS’, the Bonus game lasts for a minimum of two rolls of the dice. Similarly, if the wheel lands on ‘4 ROLLS’, the Bonus game lasts for a minimum of four rolls of the dice. If a double is rolled in the Bonus game, this can result in an additional free dice roll. The dice are rolled in the live studio.

Following each dice roll in the Bonus game, MR. MONOPOLY walks around the 3D MONOPOLY board and collects cash prizes for the qualifying players. The number of squares he steps on the board after each dice roll will equal the total of the two dice in that dice roll. Prizes are collected from the stop where he lands after the dice are rolled.

The player’s total Bonus game winnings will be displayed and added to their Bonus win. When no more dice rolls are left, the Bonus game is over, and all the player’s Bonus winnings are paid, together with their initial bet. They then return to the main game.

Prizes and penalties in the bonus game

  • When players enter the Bonus game, Properties, Utilities, Railways and Free Parking have basic prizes.
  • Once the Bonus game begins, houses and hotels will be built on some properties, increasing the prize.
  • If a double is rolled, the player gets an additional free dice roll, except when doubles are used to get out of Jail.
  • If MR. MONOPOLY stops on ‘Chance’ or ‘Community Chest’, the player can win either a random cash prize or receive a fee.
  • During the Bonus game taxes and fees will only be deducted if your Bonus winnings allow it.
  • On the board, Income Tax will reduce your Bonus winnings by 10% and Supertax will reduce your winnings by 20%.
  • When you pass ‘GO’ all the prizes on the board will be thereafter doubled.
  • If MR. MONOPOLY stops on the ‘Go to Jail’ space and moves to the Jail, then a double (two dice showing the same number) must be rolled to get out. All of the player’s previous Bonus winnings remain.

Placing ‘Autoplay’ bets

Autoplay allows the player to repeat their selected bet/s for a chosen number of game rounds.

To start Autoplay, players place their bets on the betting grid as usual and then click/tap the Autoplay button.

The automatic game rounds will continue until the chosen number of Autoplay rounds is complete, or the player decides to stop Autoplay.

A player cannot place additional bets or double current ones while Autoplay is running. Such actions will stop Autoplay. Players can keep track of the Autoplay rounds remaining as they are displayed in the number indicator on the Autoplay button.

The player can end Autoplay at any time by simply stopping Autoplay.

Payout table on MONOPOLY Live

The distribution of segments on the wheel and corresponding payout odds and game outcomes are as follows:

SegmentsNumber of segmentsPayout
CHANCE2Cash Prize or
2 ROLLS3Random
4 ROLLS1Random

These tables are important to have in consideration if you intend to play with a betting strategy on MONOPOLY Live.

Maximum payouts when multipliers come into play

Consecutive multipliers are unlimited subject to a default maximum win of ₹50,000,000.