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How To Play Lightning Dice

Lightning Dice is yet another game from Evolution’s beloved Lightning series. It is a first-of-its-kind dice game with electrifying random multipliers of up to 1000x.

The game itself is beautifully simple. Three standard dice are dropped into the transparent ‘Lightning Tower’ by the game presenter. Camera close-ups follow the drop of the dice as they tumble down through three maze-like sections of the tower and come to rest at the tower’s base.

What will be the total of the three dice? But just as importantly, what numbers were struck by lightning on the betting grid before the dice dropped and how much were they multiplied by?

Like award-winning Lightning Roulette, the game features an electrifying studio set design and UI for maximum player thrills. Massively scalable, endlessly entertaining and available exclusively from Evolution, Lightning Dice has huge appeal — to casino table game players, slots players, bingo players and more.

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What Is Lightning Dice?

Lightning Dice is a unique, all-new, easy to play dice game as never seen before in an online casino.

An unlimited number of players simply bet on the sum of three dice released into the ‘Lightning Tower’, an elegant three-section tower constructed from clear Perspex.

Players place their bets on the betting grid which shows 16 numbers, from 3 to 18.

Adding massive amounts of excitement to this simple game concept are electrifying random multipliers and an electrifying setting and UI. In every game round, one or more numbers on the betting grid are struck by lightning and pay up to 1000x!

How To Play The Game

Lightning Dice is played with three regular dice with face value 1 to 6. Players predict the total sum of all three dice by simply placing their bets on any of the bet-spots labelled 3 to 18: these numbers correspond to all three dice’s total sum.

Players may also click/tap the ‘BET ON ALL’ button to place a bet on all bet spots. The value of the player’s selected chip will be placed on all bet spots simultaneously.

Random multipliers of up to 1000x

After betting time has expired, ‘lightning strikes’ hit between one and several random ‘Lightning Numbers’, each of which is given a random multiplier. The game presenter then releases the three dice into the ‘Lightning Tower’.

Close-up views

At this point, the camera cuts to a close-up of the dice tower for the dices’ clearest view as they tumble downwards. Once the dice have come to rest in the tray at the tower base, another camera close-up shows the three face-up numbers on the dice. The total is then visible and is also announced and displayed on-screen.

Predict the dice total and win

You win if you have correctly predicted the total sum of all three dice and placed a bet on that number. If this number is also among the ‘Lightning Numbers’, the number is also multiplied accordingly.

Winning numbers displayed

A frequently updated area of the UI shows the most recent winning numbers. Winning numbers that have attracted a random Lightning round multiplier are also marked as 50x, 150x, 1000x etc.

Payouts On Lightning Dice

Players can win up to 1000x, which includes their bet. The payout range depends on whether the bet is placed on a bet spot with a random multiplier applied to it. If there is no multiplier, then the regular payout is applied. The player’s bet is returned on top of their winnings.

BetPayout Range
Total 3 or 18149-999 to 1 (1000x)
Total 4 or 1749-499 to 1 (500x)
Total 5 or 1624-249 to 1 (250x)
Total 6 or 1514-99 to 1 (100x)
Total 7 or 149-99 to 1 (100x)
Total 8 or 136-49 to 1 (50x)
Total 9 or 125-49 to 1 (50x)
Total 10 or 114-49 to 1 (50x)

The theoretical return to player

Optimal Return To Player (RTP) percentage: 96.21% (based on ‘Total 3 or 18’ bet).

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