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Learn about the important role game providers play in an online casino.

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When discussing game providers, we often talk about the casino games they produce. Many people believe that the role of game providers are limited to producing games, however, the truth is more complicated than that.

This article is part of a series of articles discussing how online casinos work, and in this part, we will take a closer look at game providers role in an online casino.

The most important part of an online casino is undoubtedly the games they provide. Without them, nothing would make sense. However, we believe that the full role of game providers are far more important to you than what you give it credit for today.

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We kick off this article by going through the most basic part of a game providers role.

To come up with new game ideas, develop and maintain those games are the responsibilities of every individual online casino game provider.

Games produced by large providers are very often created based on data collected from online casinos they collaborate with.

This can be data showing that a new game feature they have created has become popular, which indicates that the producer should try this new feature in combination with other popular features.

One of the best examples we have of this is when NetEnt decided to add the bonus buy feature to the popular slot machine, Dead or Alive II.

The data game providers collect is anonymous data with the purpose of determining whether or not their technology is well received in the market.

They apply it to things such as design, music, average bet size and the Theoretical Return To Player (RTP) in their game.



To some of you, the fact that casino game providers play a crucial role in whether or not you receive bonuses may come as a surprise.

However, the truth is that without them, there would be no free spins, game tokens or network tournaments.

Every game provider uses their own coding to create the games. Even though free spins on one game may feel like free spins on any other game, they are most likely very different from one another.

Game providers are responsible for creating promotional packages for every casino game they produce. After they have done that, they give the recipe on how to apply them to the online casino. For some bonuses, online casinos are left with the responsibility of giving them to you.

For others, the game providers remain in control. The best example of this is network promotions. Typical for these promotions is that they can be played on several of the game providers game, the prizes are bigger than normal, and you can participate in any online casino collaborating with the provider.

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Even though you may never speak directly with the game provider, the person fixing your issue may be working with the game provider.

Sometimes free spins get stuck or a game doesn’t pay out the way it should. In such cases, it’s normal to contact customer support to either get a refund or to make sure you get the money you have won.

When a customer support agent receives such a request, they create a case with the game provider. From that point onwards, it is the game providers responsibility to investigate and fix the problem.