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Welcome to AllGambling and the beginning of your online casino learning journey.

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You’ll get the most out of this online casino guide if your desire to win is exceeded only by your willingness to learn and get better.

This guide is designed to describe all major aspects of an online casino, from how to register and deposit, to making wise decisions with the help of sophisticated betting strategies.

The world of online casino is constantly changing, but you can easily understand the basics. Being one of the most customer-friendly industries online, the biggest brands compete in making the best and easiest customer experience.




You are at the very beginning of your online casino journey and we hope you are excited. Similar to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we will make sure to cover the basics before we move on to more complex information about online gaming.

What is an online casino? This is the question we should ask ourselves at this stage of the learning process, and the answer is as simple as it’s difficult.

Put together by a number of pieces, an online casino provides entertainment through real money gambling games. It allows people the chance to win money, but also lose money.


When you visit an online casino, the first thing you see is the casino lobby. How it looks depends on the website you have visited, but it normally consists of a preview of some of the most popular games, a navigation menu and in some cases, a preview of the welcome bonus.

Furthermore, if you scroll down to the footer section, you will find information about the company operating the online casino, payment methods, operator license and in some cases the online casino displays some of the awards they have won.





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The heart and soul of an online casino is the selection of games you can play. When people say that they love playing online casino, what they really mean is that they love playing games where they can win real money.

The selection of games you can play depends on which online casino you play at. However, it is common to find the following types:

  • Slot Machines
  • Jackpots
  • Table Games
  • Game Shows
  • Video Poker

Slot Machines

A slot machine is a gambling machine that you put money into hoping to multiply your original stake. They are run by computers and the outcome is random. Some slot machines allow you the chance to win over 100.000x your stake, while the normal maximum multiplier is somewhere between 1000x and 10.000x your original stake.


Jackpot Games

In an online casino, you normally find jackpots inside slot machines, however, they can be won on a variety of different games. The most common type is the progressive jackpot, where all bets contribute a small percentage to a prize pool. This prize pool is called the jackpot and can be won by any player at any time. The biggest jackpot win ever in an online casino was won on Mega Fortune, and the prize was €17,861,800.


Table Games

Table games are different from slot machines, because of a few things. The first difference you will notice is that the games are live-streamed and everything on the screen is operated by humans. The dealers or croupiérs are real, and so is the tables, cards, wheels and balls used to play the game.


Game Shows

Game shows are a relatively new concept even to the most experienced online casino players. Similar to table games, what happens in a game show is real and broadcasted from a studio. However, the games are usually not played out on a table, but rather with money wheels, suitcases, or other adventurous methods.


Video Poker

An old classic in an online casino is the selection of video poker. The games offer a good return on your investment, making them one of the most popular games among experienced casino players. The games are controlled by a computer and simulate different variations of poker.

video poker


Ever since the invention of casino games, people have been coming to the casino. During the 90s, when the internet became more widespread, online casinos started to appear.

But what is it that makes people play online casino? In this section, we walk you through the main motivations people have for gambling online.

#1 Win money without working

Although online gambling gives no guarantee of profit, one of the main reasons why many people play, is that they get the chance to win life-changing prizes. This is proven by the popularity of both jackpots and lotteries, which can come across as fairly simple games. Some may even claim that they are boring. However, these kinds of games remain popular to this day because of the huge potential prizes they offer.

#2 Entertainment

With the possibility of winning something, comes entertainment few other things can compare with. In addition to fun gameplay, every player knows that any random spin can change their mood for the better. As the online casinos don’t give out any guarantee of winning, this is a very healthy motivation behind playing online casino.

#3 Consume time

Sometimes we need a break from the real world. To many, this means finding an activity that occupies the brain and allows it to not think of serious things for a while. Casino games represent this break for many, which is why killing time is the motivation for many.

We have promised you the opportunity to go from beginner to professional with this guide. That journey can however come across as fairly long, and the amount of information we need to provide is a lot.

That is why we have decided to break this beginner’s guide to the online casino down into smaller, more digestible guides. By doing this, you get the chance to pick the information you want to receive more of, and what information you already have knowledge about.

In the following section, we introduce you to several different subjects, while providing you with a link to a more comprehensive guide on the subject.


This guide is for pure beginners. We will dive into the details about how online casinos are operated and more on how the different parts of online casinos work. Although basic, there is information in here that even experienced players don’t know.


After reading this guide you will be able to play online casino. We’ll provide you with information on how to become an online casino player, as well as some basic details about the different games you can play and how you can play them.


To truly understand this part of our guide, it’s important that you are comfortable with the information provided in chapter 1 and 2. You will receive information on how to control your balance, how to use strategies and how to find profitable games – all of which will help to turn you into a winner.



If you’re serious about improving your casino skills, we recommend reading our beginners guide front-to-back. Having an understanding of how everything in an online casino works can easily be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful online casino journey.

However, if you simply want to enjoy some easy entertainment with the potential of big wins, you can read chapter 1 and 2.

Chapter 3 is all about making a profit more consistently, which can be fun, but it requires more brainpower, and to some, it can turn an enjoyable experience into hard work.

Go through at the pace that suits you best, and be sure to take note of the dozens of resources we link to throughout the chapters — they’re also worthy of your attention.