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The Best Gambling Games to Play Outside

Gambling is fun — that’s the reason why people continue to spend a lot of money at casinos across the country and around the world. However, not everyone can make it to Vegas or Atlantic City to gamble on an organised basis.

For most avid gamblers, their primary venue must be inside a casino or gaming parlour. However, avid gamers have options to gamble when they can’t get to a casino. Here’s a look at the best gambling games for you to play outside of casinos.


This is one game that doesn’t require any skill or knowledge of strategy — all you need are some good-luck charms and money.

Keno is a Chinese lottery-like game where you pick numbers based on what’s randomly generated. If your numbers line up to the winning ones, you’re entitled to win all of the money in that game. That means if there is $25,000 being given away and only five winners, then each person gets $5,000 upon hitting the right numbers.


Bingo is a game that’s been around since the dawn of time and one that even our grandparents played in their heyday. However, bingo has evolved over the decades to include technology to help prevent cheating and make it accessible from tons of different venues.

Nowadays, you can play bingo from tons of different spots — whether you’re at home, work or out on the town. You can play bingo in many online casinos!

Casino War

Casino War is played with two standard decks of cards. The game requires that players make their bets before each hand is dealt. It’s only legal to bet on one hand at a time, and before each new hand is dealt, one player has to flip over the top card of his deck.

The first two digits of this card determine how many points are given to each player’s wager. For example, if someone bets $10 and the card reads 2-2, he receives $20, and the other winning players get $10.

The game continues until one player has a total of 21 points or more. At that point, the player wins all of the money wagered during that hand.


This is another dice game where no knowledge about the game is necessary to enjoy it.

Craps is played against the house, and all you have to do is place your bets before the game begins.

There are a handful of different ways that you can bet: Come, Don’t Come, Pass Line and Don’t Pass. These bets work similarly to blackjack because you either win or lose depending on whether you’re right or wrong.

However, there’s a slight twist to the game — you can place side bets called Proposition Bets. These bets are placed on the table alongside your primary wager and can be almost as rewarding as hitting on the Pass Line bet.


Poker is a card game that is played by combining elements of chance and strategy. Two or more players may play against each other, and it’s a game that can be played for fun or with money on the line.

Either way, the objective is to form the best hand of five cards using your own two cards as well as the other “community” cards spread out in front of everyone. All you need is cards, chips and people to play with! Alternatively, you have a lot of online casinos at your fingertips – a whole lot of them offering poker games.

Scratch-Off Games

There are tons of scratch games that you can purchase at your local store or gas station. These games cost just a few dollars to buy, and they allow you to have some fun while potentially winning up to thousands of dollars. However, many people who play these types of games don’t win much money, but it’s okay because they’re just having fun, and it doesn’t hurt.

Some of the most popular scratch-off games, such as Cash4Life and Scratcher Tickets, offer cash rewards to players. The amount that you win is entirely random and varies from game to game.

Final Words

At some point in your life, you’re going to be interested in gambling, whether it’s at a casino or online. However, you should be wary of how much time you’re spending gambling because it can end up consuming a lot of your precious free time.

For many people, gambling is an excellent way to spend some time with friends and family — after all, it’s something everyone has in common.

But the problem arises when someone becomes addicted to gambling and loses all of their hard-earned money and more. If you want to avoid becoming a “gambler,” it makes sense to learn as much as possible about all of your options before you play.

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