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Top 10 Gambling Destinations for Indian Players

Though gambling has always held an important place on Indian soil since ancient times, not everybody knows where exactly the best and hottest gambling destinations can be found. If you are among this group, here’s a list of the best gambling destinations for Indian players, just like you.

1. Goa

For hundreds of years, people from different parts of the world have been visiting Goa annually to observe the local gambling traditions and participate in them. Unlike other Indian states, which still abide by strict anti-gambling laws, Goa gives people from all walks of life the privilege to gamble as much as they want by not having any legal obligation whatsoever!

2. Kolkata

Once you get over with your business trip at this place, you can always visit its famous old Clubs like The Tollygunge Club or The Calcutta Sports Club, where certain high stakes are placed on off-track betting on horse racing. These places also have special sections for games like Carrom and Chess, which is quite luring for players!

3. Delhi

You might be thinking that a city situated just at a distance of half an hour from the Indian capital could not possibly make up a hot spot for casino games, right? But more and more new casinos are getting to open their doors over here every year, which is bound to make it one of the most exciting cities in terms of gambling!

4. Bangalore

The city with multiple IT hubs like Electronic City and Whitefield has become popular among gambling lovers because of its high standards on online betting platforms. It also offers excellent deals on cricket betting, especially during World Cup matches, where people start placing bets as early as the first match gets over!

5. Mumbay

Though India’s entertainment capital is mainly known for its love for cricket, a few casinos attract tourists from far and wide because of their high-quality setup and the generous discounts they offer during different sporting events. The city is known for hosting the 2013 Indian Premier League matches and many other important sports celebrations.

6. Madurai (Tamil Nadu)

During their holidays, people from Tamil Nadu prefer visiting the Cyberabad region in Andhra Pradesh. Still, when they get back home, you can always find them flocking towards Madurai for some traditional gambling entertainment. The famous Kaliyamman Kovil temple premises include a gambling den known as Kadayanallur Masi Mahal, where casino games were carried out in ancient days.

7. Hyderabad

Even though it may look like a new city for gambling, this place houses some of the most exciting casinos in India frequented by thousands of people every year! In case you’re into serious gaming action, make sure to visit “Casino Pride” and “Hyderabad Club”.

8. Rajasthan

During the ancient Rajput traditions, gambling was considered a sign of bravery and power. The place still maintains its old-worldly charm where many high stakes are placed on betting games like Chess and Carrom. Apart from this, you can always find Indian people cheating their opponents in backgammon at local village fairs!

9. Cochin (Kerala)

This coastal city is best known for its casinos which are situated right on the Arabian Sea! If you’re looking to enjoy a combination of gambling and non-stop nightlife activities, this place is surely going to be the perfect choice for you.

10. Jaipur

The city, which is famous for its Pink City colour and the fantastic architecture of Albert Hall Museum, has also started becoming a hot spot among gamblers thanks to the highly enjoyable games like Baccarat, Texas Hold’em and others.


So, which one of these exciting gaming destinations are you going to visit this year? With so many choices available at your disposal, we’re sure that it’s going to be an enjoyable experience for you no matter what!

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