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Popular Gambling Anime Characters

There is a lot of anime out there that feature gambling. When watching them, have you ever wondered how successful these characters are at real-life games? Which ones do you think would be the best players? As it turns out, some of the most beloved characters in popular anime series are skilled gamblers. Their skills and personalities might even give you some pointers on how to win at pachinko and casinos.

Hikaru Agari from "Kaitou Joker"

The main character of Kaitou Joker, Hikaru Agari, is already considered a prodigy among young gamblers despite his young age. He’s so brilliant that he can accurately predict the outcome of a game just by watching it once. This skill allows him to beat professional gamblers who cheat with machines and tricks that look like magic.

Satoshi Fukube from "Hanasakeru Seishounen"

As the main protagonist in Hanasaku Seishonen, Satoshi is fairly quiet but is actually concealing his passion for gambling. His gambling reputation is comparable to that of professional players, but he would rather play against weaklings than other pros.

Satoshi Araki from "Koi Kaze"

In Koi Kaze, Satoshi Araki always seems ordinary and typical, but he secretly plays games with his friends for money. These games include pachinko, mahjong, shogi and even chess. In fact, he’s so good at many other games that he regularly earns huge profits to help with his gambling addiction and support himself.

Endou Mamoru from "Inazuma Eleven"

Endou is the captain of the Raimon soccer team and a very beloved character in the series. He’s known to be just as crazy about gambling as he is with soccer, playing tons of games for money on the side. He’s even so good at Pachinko that he can clear a machine entirely by himself when it has 5 balls remaining.

Souichi Negishi from "Rival Schools"

Souichi is so good at cards that he can trick other players into believing that he’s got a hand full of nothing but losers. He even has made pro gamblers lose in hilarious ways. He also likes to hang out and gamble with his friends while smoking.

Kyou Sakakibara from "Black Jack"

Kyou is a master of psychology, picking up on what other players are thinking and using that knowledge to his advantage. He’s also blind but can still play games very well, primarily because he has memorised the layout and feel of everyone he plays. He could even walk around in a completely unknown building and still be able to play with his friends even if he had never gambled there before.

Honjou Takeshi from "Bakumatsu Rouman"

Played by the famous actor Tsunehiko Kamijo, this character is referred to as a genius of gambling who can beat total strangers at cards. His only weakness is that he’s afraid of ghosts and can’t gamble at night.

Genji Asai from "The World of Goldfish"

A professional gambler who’s able to adapt to any situation and change his strategy accordingly, Genji is also known for being a master liar. He was trained throughout his childhood to be an avid gambler and has gone through many challenging experiences to become the player he is now.

John Watson from "Detective Conan"

A nerdy man with glasses, John Watson, is actually a great secret agent who’s able to use his observational skills even at gambling. He appears as one of the many protagonists in Detective Conan, along with Shinichi Kudo.

Konosuke Jii from "Detective Conan"

Like John Watson, Konosuke is a skilled gambler who’s been observing people for years to learn their habits and emotions. He knows exactly how they’re likely to react in certain situations and plays according to those predictions.

Kasumi Iwato from "Queen's Knight"

The protagonist of Queen’s Knight, Kasumi, is a young girl who has just joined the Toudou Academy to become an elite knight in service to her kingdom. She happens to be highly talented at gambling and can beat professional players regularly despite being only 14 years old. She loves playing games and is especially good at checkers.

Endou Daisuke from "Inazuma Eleven"

A soccer player is known for predicting his opponent’s moves like a pro; Endou also happens to be very into gambling. He’s often seen playing video games with his teammates or other people to earn money for the team. He’s so good at pachinko that he can clear a machine on his own even when it has five balls remaining.

Kurita Anji from "Hanimari Shounen"

All other characters in this anime may be weak gamblers compared to Kurita, who consistently wins in cards. He has a knack for making any game he plays interesting enough that people can’t help but watch him. He’s often seen playing Mahjong with his friend and the character who narrates the story, though he never formally introduces himself to her or even shows his face.

Want to binge watch some shows?

Gambling in anime is a pretty popular theme, especially in sports anime or series that involve teenagers. The characters listed here are all expert gamblers and make for great characters to watch on screen. If you’re into games or card playing, they’re especially easy to relate to and great fun. Their strategies are also helpful for those who are just starting with gambling in real life. Hopefully, this list will give you some ideas on what gambles to take when it comes to the hobby of gaming.

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