Welcome to AllGambling’s free online blackjack game. Enjoy risk-free gameplay with a starting balance of ₹500,000 and let yourself be entertained for hours without anyone stopping you. Our free online blackjack card game costs nothing to play and does not require any registration.

If you are looking to play blackjack online for real money, we are happy to provide you with the best real money blackjack casinos in India. However, if you are inexperienced or want to learn the game with no risk of big losses, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Try out new strategies with plenty of free coins to spend on our game, produced by no other than the famous game provider, NetEnt.

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The free blackjack game found here is produced by the famous game provider NetEnt. The game falls under the ‘Table Game’ category and provides the player with a superb RTP of 99.59%. It is built to increase the fun and reduce the risk for any player that wants to try blackjack online. Keep reading to learn more as we will dig deep into the details of our free online blackjack trainer.

Enjoy Genuine Graphics & Sound

Home enjoyment precedes as we introduce the combination of blackjack and jazz music. The traditional music genre enhances the true casino experience and set a relaxed environment for you to excel in your favourite casino game.

For generations, Indian players have appreciated the utmost simpleness of blackjack and now you are faced with the same opportunity. The traditional feel and look of the game make it almost identical to a genuine land-based casino.

Easy & Simple Betting Rules

Blackjack is one of the easiest gambling games to understand and take part in. If you are wondering how to play our free blackjack game, you should keep reading, as we are due to walk through the betting rules.

The primary objective of the game is to beat the dealer. Whenever your hand is of higher value than the dealer’s hand, without exceeding 21, you win. The maximum value of 21 is the key factor as to why the name Blackjack is also referred to as ‘Twenty-One’.
A Blackjack is attained when you combine the Ace with a card, carrying 10 as a value. The King, Queen and Jack all carry 10 as their card value in blackjack. The Ace can either carry 1 or 11 as its value.

In this particular free blackjack game, you can pocket up 6 times your stake when you get blackjack, paving way for a ₹900 win on a ₹150 bet.

If the player’s card combination reaches 21 as a value, the player is entitled to a 3:2 payout.

If you beat the dealer with any other card combination, you are entitled to a 1:1 payout, effectively doubling your money.

The Gameplay

In our RNG version of the classic blackjack game, we can offer both double and split functions, allowing you to play with the strategy of your choice. When playing for the first time, it can be favourable for the player to slow down and take things easy. Our blackjack table allows the player to adjust the speed of the game up and down, depending on what the player prefers.

If you thought we had missed out on India’s love for playing blackjack on mobile, you were wrong. The game is responsive and tailor-made for your android or iOS mobile, making it easy to enjoy from home and when you are out travelling.


Playing blackjack for free is not very different from playing with rupees. That is why you can use many of the same tips & tricks when playing for free as you are using when you play for real money.

However, because of the risk-free nature of playing for free, you can allow yourself some liberties that would be considered a mistake in real money blackjack. This is why we want to share some tips & tricks when playing blackjack online for free.

Tips #1 - Learn How To Play Blackjack

Some people like to learn by doing, and that is great. However, here at AllGambling we always recommend learning how to play blackjack from experts. The game is quite easy to understand but there is a level of complexity untrained eyes can’t see. Our experts know the game by heart, and that is why our no. 1 tips or tricks when playing blackjack online for free, is to learn the game from them.

Tips #2 - Use a Strategy When Playing

When playing blackjack for free, we always recommend testing out new strategies. Whether you want to give the basic blackjack strategy a go or you want to try the Martingale system, you can. Even though we recommend always playing with a strategy, the wisest thing to do is testing it above on our free blackjack game before you implement it in your real money blackjack game.

Tips #3 - Never Take Out ‘Insurance’ In Blackjack

Both in real money and free blackjack, you have the opportunity to take out insurance. Although this can be tempting, the mathematics of the game shows clearly that you shouldn’t. Instead, we recommend keeping strictly to the basic blackjack strategy, cutting the house edge down to less than 1%.

Enjoy More Free Table Games

We know blackjack can be incredibly fun. We also know that mixing games can increase entertainment both when playing for free and when playing for real money. That is why you can try other free casino games here at AllGambling. If you want to stick to card games and explore and even easier game than blackjack, we can recommend our free baccarat game. If you want to try out a more luck-based game, without risking losing anything, we can recommend our free online roulette.


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