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The Fibonacci system appeared in Indian Mathematics in 1986 and has ever since been used to increase the potential winnings in gambling. The most common games to use the betting system in is roulette and baccarat, which both offer the possibility of even-money bets.

Even though the Fibonacci system can be used in many things, such as financial investments, we will focus on how to use it in gambling. The guide is written for all skill levels, meaning you don’t have to worry about being a professional before you can implement this strategy in your gambling.

We have created an overview of the contents, making it easy for you to jump to the section you want more information about. However, if you don’t know how the Fibonacci system works, we recommend reading the entire article.


Before we move on to learn how you implement the system in your gambling, we’re going to take a look at the basics of the Fibonacci system. The way the Fibonacci system works is that you add the two previous bets together and make a bet of that value.

Unlike the Martingale System, the main purpose of this system is to minimize your losses over time, and as a result give you a better chance of earning money when you hit a winning streak.

To make it easier for everyone to understand, we have created a scenario underneath where the player loses some and win some. The payout in this scenario is 1/1.

As you can see, the first two bets are the minimum bet. On bet number 3, we’ve combined bet number 1 and 2 together, adding up to a ₹200 bet. The first four bets lose, bringing the total net profit down to -₹700. When the player wins in bet number 5, it brings the net profit back to only -₹200 (bet size subtracted from the winnings).

If the player started with a balance of ₹5,000, the balance after bet 4 would be ₹4,300 and 4,800 after bet 5.

BetCalculationBet SizeResultNet Profit
Bet Number 1₹0 + ₹100₹100Loss-₹100
Bet Number 2₹0 + ₹100₹100Loss-₹200
Bet Number 3₹100 + ₹100₹200Loss-₹400
Bet Number 4₹100 + ₹200₹300Loss-₹700
Bet Number 5₹200 + ₹300₹500Win-₹200
Bet Number 6₹0 + ₹100₹100Loss-₹300
Bet Number 7₹0 + ₹100₹100Loss-₹400
Bet Number 8₹100 + ₹100₹200Win-₹200
Bet Number 9₹0 + ₹100₹100Win-₹100

A key factor in making the Fibonacci system work is resetting your bet size once you have won.

In this scenario, the longest losing streak is four losses in a row. However, as you may have experienced before, that is far from the longest losing streak you can have when gambling. The potential of a losing streak creates a nice transition over to our next topic, the advantages and disadvantages of using the Fibonacci system.


When playing games for real money, we always recommend using a strategy. In this part of our Fibonacci system article, we’re going to take a look at whether it is a strategy suitable for you.

A general disclaimer when playing in an online casino is that, in the long-run, the casino will always have the upper hand. A betting strategy such as the Fibonacci thrives in taking advantage of the prospects of short-term winnings.

The Positives

Any betting strategy aims to give you a short-term advantage over the casino. Spoken differently, it aims to increase your chances of making a short term profit. The reason why the Fibonacci system is widely known as a good strategy around the globe is that it is great at this.

As you can see from our scenario used above, the system is great at covering losses. Compared to the Martingale system, it is also affordable to normal players.

As long as you can afford a long losing streak, this system can be very beneficial for you to use.

The Negatives

Unfortunately, like with any betting strategy, there are some disadvantages to the Fibonacci system. The first and most obvious one is that games such as roulette and baccarat don’t offer true 50% chances of winning on any bet. Because of the zero in roulette and the potential of a draw in baccarat, the chances of hitting is slightly less than 50%, making room for the casino to always win in the long-run.

Another negative about the Fibonacci system is that losing streaks can be far longer than four losses in a row, making the system expensive for many. However, cheaper than the Martingale system, the bet size increases rapidly into something that can feel uncomfortable for many.

Having a large balance is key to making the Fibonacci system work for you.

Using Fibonacci In Roulette

When looking at taking advantage of the Fibonacci playing roulette, we have to look at a part of the outside bets. More precisely on the even-money bets part of them:

  • Black or Red
  • Even or Odds
  • High or Low

These are the segments that offer a 1/1 payout and at the same time comes closest to a 50% probability of winning.

The way to use Fibonacci is by finding one bet and never change. If you start betting on f.ex ‘Black’, you have to keep betting on black.


Using Fibonacci In Baccarat

In Baccarat you will get the highest payout when betting on the player (1/1 vs. 1/0.95 on banker), however, the house edge on the banker bet is a bit smaller. That is because the player’s hand is determined before the banker, making it possible for the banker to stop drawing cards when they have won.

This is why it is more optional if you want to use the Fibonacci on the banker bet or the player bet in Baccarat. We recommend going for the player bet, as the strategy aims to beat the casino in the short-run, not in the long run which the house edge is an indicator of.

The reason why we don’t mention the draw bet is because of the disgusting house edge of 14.36%, making it a bet you want to avoid.