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Dream Catcher Betting Strategy

The Dream Catcher game was the first money wheel of its kind, brought to us by Evolution Gaming. It combines all the excitement of a game show with the chance to win 280x your bet in real money.

It’s incredibly popular in India, where players are drawn to the glamour and excitement of the wheel, as well as the chance to win a maximum cash prize of ₹50,000,000 – with one spin!

The game is simple to learn – you will notice this quickly as you play Dream Catcher. If you feel ready to take your existing skills to the next level, then it’s time to introduce a successful Dream Catcher strategy to your experience.

Playing with our proven strategy can benefit you in many ways. It can give you more fun, improve your chances of winning, decrease the house edge, and make your bankroll go that bit further.

Many of us here at AllGambling enjoy this thrilling live casino game, as it gives the chance of big wins, and it’s great fun. We have tested out loads of strategies over time until we decided to put together our own based on risk and odds.

We will introduce you to the games’ payout ratios and provide you with strategies to suit your playing style and preferred risk exposure. You will also find a section dedicated to our expert personal tricks and tips at the bottom of this page.

If there is a section of this Dream Catcher casino strategy that you’d like to jump to, then you can do this by clicking the table of contents below. Or you can read this guide in full and keep it at your side when you next spin the wheel.

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When you play Dream Catcher, you are putting your cash in the hands of probability which the majority of live casino games are based on. Of course, Lady Luck has a hand and the element of chance too.

The money wheel is ideal for using our strategy as the game can be approached in different ways and still provide effective results. Below you will see the games’ paytable and the return to you as the player. Each of these elements forms the basis of our Dream Catcher money wheel strategy.

The Paytable

With 40 segments on the wheel, what does this mean for your game? How regular are the numbers spread over the wheel coverage? And what will you be paid if you win on a specific number?

Check out our paytable below, which clearly shows all of this information. And this is gold dust when it comes to using our Dream Catcher game strategy.

It will give you an advance over other players, who perhaps aren’t as prepared as you, and it will help you decide where best to place your bets.

Number on wheelNumber of segmentsPays
2x1Multiplies the payout of the next winning number by 2x
7x1Multiplies the payout of the next winning number by 7x

NOTE: Whilst it’s possible to score consecutive unlimited Multipliers, the maximum real money win of the game is ₹50,000,000.

The Return To Player (RTP)

Dream Catcher Live comes with a maximum RTP of 96.58%. This figure is calculated on the games’ maximum cash win of ₹50,000,000. Most online casinos game RTP’s average at 96%, making the Dream Catcher slightly above this.

It’s essential to understand what these figures and the RTP means for you. We can straight away debunk the myth that this is what you will get back from the game each time you play it – we wish!

These numbers are calculated over billions of spins, with the average taken from the total figure. The RTP will be given back to players over a longer period and not in every game round. It means that you could still lose a bit, win a bit, win a lot or break even.

That doesn’t mean that you need to spin the money wheel a billion times to get a guaranteed win; not quite how it works either. But if you use our Dream Catcher strategy, then you can improve your chances of winning.

The Best Dream Catcher Betting Strategies

Here’s the exciting bit where you’ll learn exactly what to do and what not to do in our Dream Catcher winning strategy. We have created these to suit all kinds of players, as we all play differently, and we are all happy to do this at various risk levels. So you’ll be able to choose one of the strategies below to suit these factors.

Perhaps your goal is to score bigger wins, but you don’t mind waiting for them, or you’d like smaller wins but on a more frequent basis. Whichever it is, you’ll find a strategy to suit you.

Strategy 1: The Safe Gambler (Low risk)

This strategy will see you focusing your bets on the numbers 1 and 2, as these numbers appear most frequently, giving you massive coverage of the wheel. That means covering 38 of the total 45 segments, which is more than 50% of the wheel.

This betting strategy is all about grinding the profits, and landing 1’s will cover some losses. Whilst wheel stops on the number 2 will provide you with the real win.

This option also gives you more of a chance of landing one of the multipliers; whilst the payouts might be low, you should see more of them over time. You won’t spend all of your bankroll, and you are not exposed to too much risk, making this a safer option.


Strategy 2: The Gambler (Medium risk)

This Dream Catcher strategy is suited for average players. It gives you more of a chance to win larger amounts whilst protecting your balance to a certain extent.

You will need to place your bets on the numbers 5, 10, 20, and 40. This allows you to take advantage of the multipliers 2x and 7x, thus covering the highest paying segments on the wheel. If a multiplier lands, you will already have good coverage of the wheel to score a big payout.

The con of this strategy is that you may have to wait a while to get this big win. However, for a ₹1,000 bet on the number 40, you’ll win ₹4,000, then if a 7x multiplier is landed, you will get a whopping return of 280x.

There is more of an element of risk involved in this option, but the potential returns are much greater.


Strategy 3: The Risky Gambler (High risk)

If you are either a high-roller or want to play for the biggest win, then this one’s for you. It takes nerves, patience and a large bankroll to pull it off.

You will be placing bets on numbers 20 and 40 only, and because these are the highest value wheel segments, the returns for these bets will be significant. Factor in hitting one of the multipliers and the wins will be even bigger! Bet on 40, which will turn into a 280x if you land a 7x multiplier. Score the 7x again, and you have a wheel segment valued at an impressive 1960x.

This scenario may sound too good to be true, and it’s worth remembering that this sequence is quite rare, but it’s not impossible. You will have a reduced wheel coverage though, out of 54 total segments, your bets will cover just 3 of these, which works out at 5.77%.

This Dream Catcher casino strategy is all about the waiting game, as it could be a while before you get a payout.


Tips and tricks to win on Dream Catcher

Here is where you’ll find our ultimate expert tips for you. These may seem pretty simple, and a lot of it is common sense. But common sense is needed in any form of gambling, and we play Dream Catcher a lot – trust us and remember these helpful tricks for a further boost to your game.

1: Follow one of the above strategies

Choose the Dream Catcher casino strategy which best suits your playing style. Online casinos really are making big profits, and all because players are not using a suitable system and sticking to it.

2: Decide on a budget

We have all been there, revving up with excitement to play our favourite game. Telling ourselves we will just play with ‘X amount’ of Rupees for today’s session. The game rolls, and the fun element increases and before you know it, you have dipped over the ‘X amount’ and are left out of pocket.

Set your budget and stick to it no matter what – that way, you won’t be tempted to go over. And once you hit this limit, simply exit the casino.

3: Stop playing when you are up

We all love to win, and of course, we all love a game session where we don’t lose too much. Or we end up with a similar amount of cash that we started with. At this point, we would advise you to exit the casino. Similarly to the above scenario, it’s all too easy to keep playing to win that bit more and so on.

Know when to stop and always play responsibly, accepting that your losses and wins are down to your actions. Quit whilst the going is good because you could soon hit a losing streak.

4: Only gamble what you can afford to lose

Always play with a bankroll that you are happy to lose. Winning is great, but it’s not guaranteed, and no strategy will allow you to win all of the time. Set yourself a monthly or weekly budget with your earnings so that you can safely pay all of your bills and have some money left over for your family time.

Never use the money you need to live on to gamble. Similarly, gambling to ‘earn’ money to pay the rent or buy food isn’t responsible.

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