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Crazy Time review

The legendary developers behind this new casino concept are Evolution Gaming. Famed for their innovative games, expert technologies, and huge fun factors. In fact, they have named Crazy Time the most fun casino game – ever.

Crazy Time is fully interactive, full of excitement, and you can play it right here, right now.
On this page you will discover all you need to know about the legendary game, which is already entertaining players all over India. It features not one, but four awesome bonus rounds that could see your bankroll bursting with wins.

We will also introduce you to a suitable casino to meet your every need, where you can enjoy this dazzling new game. And with any of our recommended casinos, you can expect some great welcome bonuses, superb customer support and above all else – high levels of security to keep you safe.

We will help you learn how to play Crazy Time with our simple guide, that will have you spinning the wheel in minutes.

You will also have access to our Crazy Time Betting Strategy. Where we share our expert insider knowledge with you, helping you get the most from your experience.

Stick with us and we will tell you all you need to know to get your Crazy Time adventures off to a flying start!

What is Crazy Time Live?

It’s true, take our word for it – you can really have a ‘crazy time’ with this game. It’s packed with many great features and gives you the chance to win up to 20,000x your bet in real money. Evolution created this game off the back of the huge successes which Dream Catcher constantly enjoys.

Crazy Time features a similar money wheel, but with added twists of 4 bonus games and massive multipliers. It combines all the fun of a high-energy game show, with some potential crazy wins, it’s also great fun to play and watch.

The Money Wheel

It’s really easy to play Crazy Time, and it’s suitable for all kinds of players whether you are a newbie or a seasoned casino pro. You simply place your bet on a number, let the dealer spin the wheel and if the pointer lands on your number you have won!

There’s also the added feature of the ‘Top Slot’ which can add an automatic random multiplier to boost your winnings. If the wheel lands on one of the four bonus games then these will activate and can also benefit from one of the multipliers. Giving some potential gigantic wins for your bankroll.

Crazy Time Live: The Bonus Games

Bonus games are those little nuggets of extra gameplay with some big cash rewards at stake. And Crazy Time Live has 4 of them for you to enjoy, you’ll find them spaced out equally in 4 segments on the money wheel.

Each of the bonus rounds comes with different themes and various big cash prizes up for grabs:


Where will the puck land in this Japanese inspired bonus game? This one comes with a Pachinko wall decorated with many different pegs of multipliers. The dealer will drop a puck into the mechanism and whichever multiplier it lands on – you win.

  • It’s possible for the puck to land on the ‘Double’ peg where all the multipliers will be doubled
  • The puck will be dropped repeatedly until it lands on one of the multipliers
  • It can be dropped many times until it lands on either a doubled multiplier or until the maximum multiplier of 10,000x is won!
  • If smaller valued multipliers are hit by the puck then a random ‘Rescue Drop’ is generated
  • This rescue can then boost wins with further multipliers, for some true multiplying madness!

Cash Hunt

Have you ever had fun in a shooting gallery at an amusement park? This bonus game will give you the same thrills but instead of winning a cuddly toy, your cash win could be boosted from 108 random multipliers.

  • Multipliers are covered with assorted symbols which are then shuffled
  • Select the symbol which you believe the biggest multiplier is hiding behind
  • Take your aim once the countdown timer begins
  • A cannon will then shoot at your symbol to reveal the multiplier you have won, increasing your bet with more cash
  • All players who scored the Cash Hunt bonus game from the wheel spin will select their targets. So everyone wins something different!

Coin Flip

Flip a coin to decide which multiplier you’ll win in this traditional bonus game.

  • The dealer will insert a golden coin into the launcher
  • This will then trigger the multipliers for each side of the coin to be revealed
  • The ‘Flip’ button is activated and whichever side of the blue and red coin is face up – wins
  • Just like the Pachinko round, a ‘rescue flip’ can be thrown in if the multipliers won are consistently low. Giving you more chances to win bigger and better amounts!

Crazy Time Bonus

This is the biggest bonus game and you could win the game’s maximum multiplier – a gigantic 20,000x your bet. Open the red door to reveal a crazy virtual world filled with a massive 2nd money wheel.

  • Select which coloured flapper you’d like to bet on
  • The dealer will then turn the wheel
  • You will then win whichever multiplier has landed at your flapper
  • If a ‘double’ or ‘triple’ is landed all the multipliers on the wheel will be doubled or tripled
  • You can then have a re-spin which will stop once the multipliers reach 20,000x

The Best Crazy Time Live Casinos in India

Are you now raring to go and have some Crazy Time fun of your own? It’s the game that everyone is talking about and here is where you will find our list of all the trusted online casinos for players in India. Where you can enjoy this spectacular game and see what all the buzz is about.

In our selection of casinos above, you’ll find the best welcome offers, regular bonuses, VIP schemes, and the finest game selections in the country.