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Play Craps with ₹ (INR)

Craps is a dice game that is enjoyed all over the world from the glittering casinos of Las Vegas to the homes of players in India. It is probably the most popular gambling dice game, and once the basic rules are mastered, it can provide you with endless excitement. As well as the chance to win some great cash prizes.

If you have ever been to a land-based casino, then you’ll already be familiar with the game table, as it’s usually the one surrounded by players whooping and cheering the action on. It is also one of the very few gambling games to offer betting types with no house edge!

On this page, you will find everything you need to know about this casino dice game to boost the fun level and potentially give you more chances to win.

If you are looking for an online casino where you can enjoy your new skills, or maybe you are already a pro at Craps. Above you will find a list of the best casinos in India: we have thoroughly reviewed and tried out these sites for ourselves. And because we are gamblers too, we know what to look for.

You’ll find some big welcome bonuses, a great selection of Craps games, loyalty schemes, and more. Here at AllGambling, your safety is paramount to us, so you can be sure that all of the casinos below hold the appropriate legally recognised gambling licenses.

And they come with strong security features, leaving you with less time to worry and more time to roll those dice!

Learn Craps

With us at AllGambling, you will find a team of industry experts with over 50 years’ of experience. This experience stems from working in some of the worlds’ largest online casinos, whilst some of our experts have worked for the companies behind the games you enjoy. But whatever our backgrounds – we have one aim: to help you get the most from your gambling adventures.

We do this by writing detailed guides as well as reviewing the top online casinos in India. You will never find any misleading information from us; we will always tell you the truth – exactly how it is.

In our guide below you will find the oracle of everything Craps game related. And no matter if you are a master or just want to play something different, these guide is written for all kinds of players.

How to Play Craps

Learning how to play can seem complicated at first, but it really isn’t. All it takes is a little understanding of how the game is played, and you will be ready to get going.

Our useful and simple “How to play Craps” guide covers all the angles in an easy step by step way. It’s suitable for direct beginners and will give you everything you need to know to play a Craps game in a live casino or at an RNG table. It can also be used to refresh your Craps knowledge and set you up to speed!

What is Craps?

The main aim of any Craps casino game is to place a bet on what you believe the outcome of the roll of 2 dice will be. As with all gambling, there’s no way of affecting what this outcome will be, but the game does give you the option of several betting types. Some of these have a 0 house edge.

The game is played using a specially created table which is usually green. The table will have a layout with different labelled areas, where you can place your bets using chips.

In any of our recommended online casinos, you will be able to play the game against an RNG (table game) or in a live casino with other players and several live dealers.

There are many attractions to playing this thrilling game which offers plenty of high-energy action. There are also heaps of different ways to play, so no round needs to be the same as the one before.

To truly understand the secret of the game, it’s best to familiarise yourself with its history.

History of Craps

Ever wondered where the Craps game got its unusual name from? The game has its origins in the UK and is derived from the English variation of ‘Hazard’ which was also known as ‘Krabs’. Being then changed over the years to ‘Crabs’, we can now see how this much-loved game ended up being known today.

‘Hazard’ landed in the USA in 1805 with Bernard de Mandeville, after originating during the religious Crusades many hundreds of years ago. De Mandeville was a keen gambler and chose to simplify the game, hoping it would become popular in New Orleans at the time.

De Mandeville introduced the game to the working classes, and it grew in popularity in the area so much that a local street was named after the game: ‘Rue de Craps’.

It wasn’t long before the local casino owners took the game into their establishments, where it was harshly abused by the use of unfair dice. We can thank the dice maker John H. Winn of Philadelphia for introducing the table layout which we are familiar with today. ‘Don’t pass’ and ‘Pass’ then made it impossible for casinos to use rigged dice.

The game gathered more popularity during World War II where servicemen and women enjoyed passing the time by playing rounds. Americans particularly enjoyed it, which then led to the Craps casino dice game hitting the strips of Las Vegas after the 1940s.

Cheating in Craps

When you’re playing any gambling game at home with your family or friends, we understand that it’s easy and fun to cheat. It’s almost become a tradition in many families even, with bets being made on who can outwit Nani or Nana first.

That is fine in a less formal environment, but it’s important to remember that it’s not possible to cheat on any Craps online casino game. And there is no known way of how to do this.

All of our recommended casinos are heavily regulated to ensure your safety and fair payouts. And the games are created so that it’s possible for the casino and you to win.