Casino software: here is what you need to know

An average online casino server can host around 2 billion active online users at once. A land-based casino can never facilitate this many people. With the help of the internet, the online gambling industry can reach billions of people worldwide.

Creating compatible gambling software is one of the most important means to support these online casinos. These softwares provide business people platform to integrate with iGaming software providers.

Difference Between Casino Software and Software Providers

Casino Software: A platform where all the games and services are hosted by the online casino. It’s a software suite the acts as the interface for regular casino players.

Software Providers: These organisations are responsible for developing the games you play in online casinos. Microgaming, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Playson, etc., are some top-notch examples of software providers.

Are casinos creating their own software?

Most online casinos used to develop their own games using in-house software. However, functionalities of such software weren’t up to the mark.

Fast forward to today, online casinos do not develop software on their own in most cases. They buy or get their software made by specialised third-party businesses. Since then, we have seen some major positive changes in the user interface to the overall operation.

Types of Online Casino Software

The online casino software can be divided into three categories:

Downloadable software: These software types need to be downloaded on your computer, and only then you can proceed to play the itinerary of games.

Instant play software: A very convenient software that will allow you to start gambling from your web browser. This type of software uses HTML 5 to run the game while enhancing the user experience. Instant play software is available for both desktop and mobile interface.

Mobile apps: These are online casino applications that you can install from the app stores and play directly from your Android or iOS smartphone.

What To Look For In An Online Casino Software?

Good online casino software will provide you with a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. For a casino, well-optimised software is an investment to attract more users. The benefit of providing their users with a quick and smooth game will increase the loyalty of their business.

When you are at a casino, one thing you want to do faster than winning a game is to get your money. Choosing excellent and responsive software will quicken the payout waiting line. So good online casino software satisfies the customer and builds credibility in the long run.

Some Renowned Software Providers

Let’s take a brief look into the history of some of the most popular software providers today:


In 1994, Microgaming started the first casino online. Their casino phase was relatively short. Soon, they moved to handle out licensed games to others. They were the inventors of Cash Splash and the progressive slot machine. To this day, both of these games are still playable and offer large payouts.


Playtech rose to the top quickly and now can compete with its rival, Microgaming, head-to-head. Ash Gaming, one of the largest in the sector, was acquired by Playtech. Some argue that, given that they also offer other services such as share trading, Playtech could actually be larger than Microgaming.


NetEnt provides over 200 games of various types. They are not the largest in the sector, but they have been quite successful. It has received many gamblers’ approval and awards for its inclination to originality in the products.

Are online Casino Softwares Rigged?

There is a misconception that these online casinos are somehow rigged. People also think these are held by individuals or third parties that host unfair games. However, these assumptions are not correct. Licenses are acquired for the sole purpose of fair conduct of the games.

To enforce fair gaming, online casino software utilises a feature called Random Number Generator (RNG). RNG programs can produce numbers randomly ensuring fair-play and randomised outcomes. All reputed and licensed casinos have the house edge providing an advantage. Hence, they do not need to resort to cheating or unfair means.

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