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How To Avoid Gambling Transactions on Bank Statement

Gambling is a private matter for many Indian players. This is why most people like to avoid gambling transactions on their bank statements. This is because commerce could be strictly related to gambling, and people don’t want anyone else to know that they are playing online games.

So, you may ask, how can you hide these gambling transactions from your bank without any hassle? In this article, we will not only tell you the answer to that question. We will guide you towards fixing the problem.

Methods to hide gambling from your bank statement:

Use e-Wallets to hide gambling transactions

One way to avoid these transactions is by using an e-wallet. There are a lot of such wallets that you can use. Some of the most popular digital wallets are as follows:

  1. Paypal
  2. EcoPayz
  3. Skrill (Moneybookers)
  4. KonbPay

When you deposit to or withdraw from an e-wallet, the name of the e-wallet will be what appears on the bank statement. Make sure the online casino you play at accepts the e-wallet before you set up an account.

Use A Paysafecard to Hide it

A Paysafecard is a prepaid card in which you can deposit money and use it. If you want to purchase online casino credits, then this is the easiest way to do so. Before deciding to play at an online casino, make sure they accept Paysafe Cards. A Paysafecard is available at the counter of different stores.

Use Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrencies

Another great way to hide your online gambling transactions from the bank is by using a cryptocurrency. The popularity of Cryptocurrency is rising, and there are a lot of people who use it. Bitcoin is one example of such a cryptocurrency.

You can purchase an e-wallet with bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency and then deposit or withdraw money from/to that currency. So, whenever you deposit or withdraw money from the cryptocurrency e-wallet, the name of it will appear on your bank statement.

Use Gift Cards

If you are interested in gambling, but not to the extent that you like to deposit too much money into e-wallets or other means of payment, this is an excellent way for you. This method also wonders if you want to gamble anonymously on specific sites without having your name attached to an e-wallet.

If you don’t mind spending money on a gift card, go ahead and purchase an e-wallet from your favourite online casino. After doing so, deposit the money into that wallet. And while withdrawing it, use a gift card to withdraw instead of the original e-wallet. This way, your name will not appear on the bank statement as you have not deposited it into a digital wallet directly.

Use MoneyPak as it is Similar to Gift Cards

Moneypak is similar to gift cards, but you can only use money paks from participating stores. So, if you are looking for how your name doesn’t appear on the bank statement while withdrawing or depositing money, you can do so via Moneypak.

Use Prepaid Credit Card

This is not much different from using an e-wallet or a gift card. When purchasing prepaid credit cards, you can use them to gamble with online casinos that accept these types of payments. And when withdrawing winnings, you can choose PayPal as the withdrawal option. So, your name will not appear on your bank statement.

Use Prepaid Debit Cards from ATM Machines

Debit cards are good for anonymity purposes since you can use a random online casino that asks for this payment method. When you withdraw money, choose an ATM to do so instead of directly starting from your bank account at the counter. That way, the name of your bank account will not appear on your withdrawal transaction.

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