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Astrology: The Lucky Numbers for Gambling

Many people believe that luck is an essential part of gambling. Each culture has its own set of superstitions connected to bringing luck and bringing the opposite. A great deal of such beliefs is associated with numbers. Why is it so? The answer is astrology! And according to astrology, some numbers bring luck, while others don’t.

We have consulted astrologists and experienced gamblers to bring you the list of lucky numbers for gambling and the list of numbers you should probably avoid while at an online casino. So take advantage of the information and find out what lucky numbers are recommended to you!

The Lucky Numbers for Gambling

Astrologers recommend the following numbers for gambling:

1. 5 – This number is fortunate for gamblers: according to astrology, it gives an additional 5% to the expected result.

2. 3, 4 and 6 are also relatively lucky numbers in gambling. They are considered to bring a 2 or 3 per cent higher chance of winning than if you choose other numbers.

3. Numbers 9, 18 and 19 might increase the chances of winning by 3%.

4. Numbers 40 and 41 are lucky, especially for roulette players; it is said that they give an additional 10% to the expected result.

6. The number 11 is also pointed by astrologists to be a very lucky number in gambling since it increases winnings by 2%.

7. If you want to gamble with a lottery ticket or play poker, then the following numbers are recommended to you: 2, 3, 4, 9 – they increase the chances of winning by 3%. And lucky numbers for the lottery are also 5 and 18.

8. The following numbers bring luck for people who want to play card games: 7, 10 and 13 – astrologists claim they increase winnings by 2%.

9. In general, odd numbers are lucky, and even numbers bring problems or bad luck. So, if you want to be a gambler – bet only on odd numbers. But if you don’t know what number will come out in the next draw – choose an even one because it is less likely to get a pair of identical numbers when playing with an honest dealer.

10. Numbers 25, 26 and 35 are also considered very lucky in any kind of game, as they are said to increase the chances of winning by 2%.

The Unlucky Numbers for Gambling

What numbers can bring bad luck?

  1. The number 13 is very unlucky in gambling. People think that it brings bad luck and causes problems, but it has the same properties as any other number if you deal with a fair dealer on a fair table.
  2. But on the other hand, numbers 15 and 16 are unlucky for the same reason as 13, even though they bring a 4% extra chance of winning over other numbers.
  3. Numbers 8, 27 and 28 are considered to be very unlucky numbers on the roulette. They reduce winnings by 5%, making them a good choice for betting against yourself.
  4. Roulette players claim that other very unlucky numbers are: 15 and 16 as they reduce winnings by 5%. But the most unlucky number is 18, which reduces winnings by 3%.
  5. Another number listed as unlucky is the number 14; it’s a bad choice even when dealing with an honest dealer. It reduces the chances of winning by 4%.
  6. The number 8 is said to be unlucky for buyers of lottery tickets or players of roulette, reducing winnings by 5%. So, if you want to gamble with a lottery ticket or play poker, avoid the number 8.
  7. Astrologists mentioned the following numbers as unlucky for people who play cards: 2, 7 and 13 reduce winnings by 4%.
  8. And, finally, number 27 brings bad luck in gambling – it reduces winnings by 6%. So if you want to be a gambler, try to avoid it.

Based on all this information, we can say that astrology can predict some lucky and unlucky numbers in playing games of chance, but other factors also influence the result of your bets. The main one is still luck itself!

Do not think that because something happened once (or many times), it will happen again. You should never believe in superstitions, but you can always try to use them for your own good.

Good luck!

Disclaimer: This is a presentation of lucky numbers and probability according to Astrology. Here at AllGambling.com, we recommend using traditional mathematics when calculating probability.

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