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Top 10 Alternatives to Gambling: What to Do When You Need a Break

Are you feeling stressed out? Do you have an urge to gamble but have no more funds to lose? If so, it is time for a break from the casino. Knowing when it is time to log out from gambling sites is crucial to playing responsibly.

There are a lot of things other than gambling you can do to fight stress. If you currently lack ideas, the following list will bring you various methods that are non-gambling alternatives to help you relax.

1. Deep Breathing Exercises

These exercises can be used as a temporary fix or as part of another activity (i.e. physical exercise). Before doing this, first, breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose; hold your breath for several seconds; now breathe out gradually through your mouth. Repeat three to five times.

2. Meditation

Meditation may sound like something complex, but it actually can be very easy. First, take some deep breaths, then clear your mind of all thoughts. You may repeat a calming word or phrase in your mind to help you concentrate, such as “I am at peace” or something similar.

3. Yoga

Yoga is another good method for temporarily relieving stress. It involves a series of movements and deep breathing exercises designed to release tension throughout various parts of your body.

For instance, there is an exercise known as the Child’s Pose, where you sit on the floor with both knees together and place both hands on top of each other beside your head.

4. Exercise

If you like to exercise, take time out to do it; if not, this can be an excellent opportunity to start a new routine. You should avoid over-exercising, though, since this has been known to create additional stress even for those who are used to maintaining a regular workout schedule.

5. Writing

When you write something, such as a story or an article, it allows you to explore your imagination and creative side. You get to decide what’s going on in the character’s lives and their personalities. Sometimes writing is like watching a movie play out before your eyes. It can be challenging since there are so many different directions the plot can go. There can be many obstacles that will try to block your path while writing. But if you keep trying, you will find that it starts coming naturally, and writing becomes easier over time. Who knows – maybe you will write the next bestseller?

When stressed out, you can just write down how you feel. It may seem simple, but writing down how you feel can help tremendously in relieving some stress. If possible, try doing it on paper instead of using a personal computer or smartphone so that no one will be able to read it. This can help you calm down and organise your thoughts.

6. Prepare a healthy meal

If you are already stressed out, cooking (especially a healthy meal) can be therapeutic and can make you feel better. Some people enjoy cooking as a hobby, while for others, it is just another chore they want to get done fast.

If you fall into the latter group, try getting some friends together and have a cooking party. There’s no need to worry about if the food will come out right since the only thing that matters is spending time with your loved ones. It also helps relieve stress by setting specific goals, such as making sure everyone has enough to eat before leaving the kitchen.

7. Listen to music

Music can be very relaxing, especially if it takes you back to a much happier time in your life. Some of the most popular genres include jazz, classical or rock/rap, depending on your musical preference.

In addition, playing an instrument can help relieve stress by focusing your attention away from issues and concerns that are currently troubling your mind.

8. Take a break from electronics

It is very easy to get caught up with scrolling through Facebook and Twitter feeds for hours on end; however, too much screen time can cause severe headaches and muscle tension in your body (if you sit at your desk while browsing).

Keep this in mind whenever you start feeling stressed out: take some time to step away from technology such as computers and smartphones and allow yourself to enjoy the sights and sounds around you.

9. Get active in a new hobby

If you are able to start a new hobby or learn a new skill, such as playing an instrument, this can help with boredom or feelings of isolation. These types of activities also provide healthy forms of stress relief even after they become familiar and routine. Instead of focusing on the end result, just enjoy the journey like with any other hobby!

10. Socialize

Instead of indulging in gambling when you feel bored or alone, take steps to meet up with friends or have an enjoyable conversation on the phone instead. Don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to others – it is completely normal to feel bored or lonely at times.

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