A Beginner's Guide To Casino Promotions

The world of online casinos survives on glitz and glam. It attracts people of all ages from all over the world to dip their toes into it. And in the centre of an online casino website, lie numerous exciting promotions.

But how much do you know about them? Should you jump right in once you see a promotion? How do they work?

In this post, we’ll find answers to all these questions.

What Are the Basic Types of Casino Promotions?

When it comes to casino promotions, there are no defined standards. Promotions vary drastically from casino to casino and region to region. In this post, we’re going to give you a general idea of some online casino promotions.


While most online casinos boast bonuses as a different hook, it actually comes under promotions. Whether be it a welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, free spins, etc., all of it are promotions. These promotions usually come with individual terms and conditions that you must meet to be eligible for the promotion.

Daily Promotions

Daily promotions are quite common among online casinos. These promotions are targeted to keep the interest upright for the regular players. It might be cashback, or additional bonuses on placed wagers. Daily cashback and happy hours are some of the good examples of daily promotions.

Weekly Promotions

Weekly promotions work similarly, but they make their appearance on a specific day of the week. Many online casinos boast multiple weekly promotions. Friday fun, Saturday Bonanza, Sunday Mania, Monday Craziness, etc. are some good examples to identify a weekly promotion.

These promotions are usually more lucrative than daily promotions. They offer more value to the players and engage them differently. Players wait the whole week to participate in these promotions. The better the promotion, the more engagement it gets from the players.


The best online casinos in the UK often arrange tournaments. There is no specific timeline for when the tournament might come up. Most tournaments boast huge prize pools where participants could share hundreds of thousands of GBP each week or each month.

The dynamic of online casino tournaments is vast. Some casinos might launch tournaments once a year while many casinos may launch one every month. It’s only imaginable that the yearly tournaments would be heavier in terms of prizes and excitement!

VIP Program/Loyalty Program

It’s not something you’ll see at all online casinos. But the most reputed ones usually have a loyalty program. These promotions are primarily targeted toward regular, long-standing players. As you place bets on slots or table games, you earn points. For example, you may get a point for every £20 you wager.

If it’s a VIP Program, you go up in the rank as you accumulate points. The higher you go, the more flexibility and more luxury you can expect. Online casinos sometimes offer personal managers to the highest tier VIPs!

Also, you may redeem the points for cash bonuses, free spins, or other things that have a monetary value.

Things to Consider Before You Participate

It’s not uncommon for new casino players to jump into a promotion without reading the fine print. Always remember, nothing comes for free in this world. And especially not in online casinos.

So, whenever you find a very lucrative offer, don’t forget to read the terms and conditions.

Another rule of thumb for new players would be to stay away from tournaments. Tournaments usually require daily wagers and sometimes they can go over your comfort zone. Consider all different aspects before making a wager to make your life easier in the long run.

Also, don’t focus too much on the numbers! If a promotion says that it has a ₹200,000,000 prize pool, it doesn’t mean you can win that amount. You may not win anything from that tournament. So, get your expectations straight and understand how the promotions work.

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