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5 Things to Know Before Joining A Live Casino

Emerging technologies and the demand for gambling online have led to the influx of top-class live casinos. A live casino is the closest thing you can get to an actual land-based casino.

While it’s more convenient and laid back than an offline casino, you need to be careful about a few things before you start playing with a live dealer.

We have a few recommendations to make your live casino experience better and enjoyable.


It may sound like a very obvious suggestion, but this is where most players get impatient. You must conduct proper research before joining any live casino room.

Here is a checklist of all the things you should be looking for:


While most live casinos have similar rules, they may vary. That’s why you should also focus on reading the rules before joining a live room, even if you already know it.

Check the game’s RTP, house edge, and payout conditions before you join a room. You don’t want to be the person who asks about rules in the middle of a game that is time-sensitive.


Before joining any kind of online casino, make sure to check the license. Playing at an unsafe website may lead to getting scammed or facing a personal data breach.


Another important thing is to research what kind of transaction methods the casino is offering. Play at casinos that have reputed payment methods and accessible to you. Deposit and withdrawals are often tricky processes, so avoid simple mistakes like choosing the wrong currency or not checking the fees involved in the transactions.


You should also read the terms and conditions related to all bonuses. In return, you’ll have a good idea regarding the wagering requirements and other restrictions.


You might want to play from your smartphone, but the live games might be available on desktop devices only. Check for device compatibility beforehand. Top reputed casinos offer specialised gambling apps that often make playing at live casinos more enjoyable.


Tables are categorized depending on the amount of betting limits. Sit on a table that you can afford. No point in taking a seat on a high roller table if you have a limited budget. It’s best not to occupy a seat if you are not willing to play by the rules.

Live casinos can be very engaging as it’s the closest experience to a traditional brick and mortar one. So, while playing one can easily lose track of their spendings. Do not make the mistake of chasing losses, especially when you on a losing streak.

Respect Your Dealer and Competitors

As you can interact with real-life dealers in live casinos, it’s important to be nice to them. Exchange greetings and small talks. It is also a good idea to learn the hand signals of specific games before you start playing.

Be a good sport while interacting with your competitors too. Whether you are winning or losing, be respectful to the other players.

Maintain Privacy

You should not disclose any personal information during a live gaming session. Also, make sure to not bring up sensitive topics like religion or politics in the chat.

As a player, stick to neutral topics and refrain from asking personal questions. Live casinos maintain strict protocols about protecting their dealers. So, it’s in the best interest to not violate their privacy.


It is a good gesture to tip your dealer when you are winning and having a good experience. Just like their counterparts in Las Vegas, the dealers are living, breathing individuals who are providing you with a service for your entertainment.  

So, yes tipping is a good thing, and go for an amount you’re comfortable with. There is no fixed rule. However, check if the casino allows tipping. Since some countries don’t allow it, in that case, refrain from it.

Wrapping Up

While live casinos can be intimidating for a new gambler, they can be a great place to learn. You can warm up by playing with live dealers before you start visiting physical casinos. If you’re someone who loves going to offline casinos but can’t, live casinos are a great option. The main goal is to have fun while gambling responsibly. 

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